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Dräger Panorama Nova®

The Panorama Nova full-face mask has been successful in the market worldwide for decades and provides reliable and secure protection. In combination with a compressed air breathing apparatus or rebreather it is used as a tried and tested face piece by firefighters and in mining.

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Comfortable fit combined with double sealing line

Features a double sealing line for maximum safety which adapts well to different head and face shapes.

Robust and durable

For decades the mask has fared well in any extreme and rough condition in which the different target groups and user groups (industry, firefighters and mining) operate and has withstood many different impacts.

Many different uses

With the different connection piece options, the Panorama Nova can be used as a standard or an overpressure mask for filters, compressed air breathing apparatus, airline systems as well rebreathers for firefighters, mining or, in industrial applications.

System integration

With the option to choose a mask with different connections and wearing systems, as straps or helmet adapters, it will fit perfectly into the system, consisting of helmet, mask and respiratory system (compressed-air breathing apparatus, closed-circuit breathing apparatus or filter).


Panorama Nova P Supra


Panorama Nova RP


Panorama Nova RA


Dräger PAS AirPack 1

Long duration breathing air combined with high mobility: Provided by the Dräger PAS AirPack 1.

Dräger HPS 6200

Wearing comfort and safety characterise the new Dräger HPS 6200 fire fighting helmet.

Dräger Com-Control 400

The Dräger Com-Control 400 is a simple push-to-talk button which connects the upper units to multiple radio devices.

Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus

The closed-circuit breathing apparatus Dräger PSS® BG 4 plus combines uncompromising safety with the greatest breathing and wearing comfort. It supplies the wearer with breathing air in a toxic environment for up to four hours.

Dräger PAS AirPack 2

Breathing air for up to 4 persons. Uninterrupted air supply is provided by the trolley-mounted cylinder(s) to the wearer via a hose reel.

Dräger HPS 4300

Extremely lightweight or extremely robust? The half shell helmet Dräger HPS 4300 is both - and additionally offers optimum wearing comfort as well as the latest interior fitting with individual, easy to use adjustment possibilities. Because every head is individual.

Dräger HC-COM

Dräger HC-COM helmet units are compact and lightweight receiver/transmitter units which can be adapted to different helmet shapes and enable immediate, clear and reliable communication.


Wikov carrying box

Instead of a mask bag, the Panorama Nova can be stored or carried along in the "Wikov" carrying box.
Order number: R51019

Protex mask bag

Instead of a carrying box, the Dräger Panorama Nova can be stored in the "Protex" mask bag.
Order number: R54939

DAISYquick cleaning cloths

Cleaning cloths to remove dirt easily, without damaging the mask.
Order number: R54134

Spectacle kit

For people who wear glasses, the Panorama Nova can easily be equipped with spectacle kits.
Order number: R51548

"klar-pilot" anti-condensation agent

This special anti-condensation agent prevents condensation on the visor.
Order number: R52550 (fluid) / R52560 (gel)

Training & Professional Services
Cleaning, desinfecting and drying

Cleaning & Disinfection e.g. Sekusept® Cleaner is biodegradeable, environmentally friendly and has excellent cleaning performance.

Mechanical cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning, disinfection and drying booths, washing machines and drying fans.

Cleaning agents and disinfectants

Agents for the mechanical or manual cleaning of equipment.

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