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Drägersorb® Soda Lime

High quality CO2 absorption made by Dräger.

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High quality CO2 absorption made by Dräger

High quality for the most demanding applications
Drägersorb® is specifically manufactured for clinical use during anaesthesia to absorb CO2 within the breathing system. Dräger is the only medical device manufacturer in the market to offer you high-quality soda lime from our very own production facility. It provides safe and effective CO2 absorption.

Quick and easy replacement
Next to conventional –5 L soda lime canister, Dräger also offers practical single-use 1.2 L CLIC cartridges that support quick and safe replacement. With the Dräger CLIC absorber you can easily and quickly replace the cartridge intraoperatively. This supports the reducement of potential leaks in your system and provides you with a convincing absorption capacity.

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Draeger Medical Australia Pty Ltd
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Notting Hill VIC 3168
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Dräger New Zealand
Unit 4, 24 Bishop Dunn Place
East Tamaki, 
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