Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is important to us: Dräger follows a global quality and environmental policy and does its bit to protect the climate.

We organise our processes with sustainability in mind and aim to ensure that resources are used sparingly. We do so freely – without legal obligations or regulatory requirements. We take the initiative, introducing measures for creating an environment that is pleasant to live in and not just within the company.

Since 1998, our companies at the Lübeck site have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 as part of a group certification. This certification will be continuously extended to our subsidiaries. As a result, we are consistently and systematically expanding our environmental efforts to a high level.

We focus on waste prevention and recycling, constantly reducing our water consumption and bringing our production lines up to high environmental standards. In addition, we also work on projects dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions.

In the last few years, we have been able to continually reduce and stabilise our environmental impact with these types of measures and projects.

Environmental Data Lübeck

Global CO2 emissions

Projects and measures for reducing impacts on the environment

Implementing a cogeneration power plant

Our building management has a vital role to play in reducing impacts on both the environment and the climate. An important element of this management was a gas cogeneration power plant in Lübeck which entered service in 2008. We generate electricity with the most modern combined heat and power generation, which we use to cover part of our energy requirements. At the same, heat is produced for our buildings and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Implementing reusable packaging systems

Waste reduction and waste prevention can cause considerable difficulties in standard packaging systems. As well as incurring increased costs, large amounts of waste are also created, the disposal of which results in additional environmental impacts. As a result, Dräger has been using so-called “commuter” packaging systems for many years. These environmentally friendly reusable packaging solutions "commute” between our suppliers, our production, our logistics as well as our customers – helping us avoid large amounts of wood and cardboard waste. This also results in less exposure to dust, preserves the health of our employees through ergonomic design and, due to its long life cycle, reduces both packaging and handling costs.

Activated carbon production at Dräger

Our activated carbon production facilities play a major role in helping to reduce air emissions and guarantee effective explosion protection and high safety standards when dealing with chemicals. By effectively cleaning the dust-laden flue-gas, state-of-the-art flue gas scrubbers, integrated gas measuring and control technology as well as numerous high performance filters ensure environmentally compatible and fail-safe operations of production facilities.