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Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP

Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP is used to determine the quality of respiratory air in high-pressure applications. In combination with the new Dräger Oil Impactor the system offers a unique quality level for the monitoring of compressed air.

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Monitored breathing air

By using the Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP, the quality of the breathing air from a compressor or a compressed air cylinder can be tested. The application of the test system ensures the reliable testing in accordance with the purification standard EN 12 021. The Aerotest product family is based on the well known Dräger-Tubes® - a reliable and quick test method to detect and measure possible toxic gases. The Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP enables the quantitative detection of various potentially harmful substances, e.g. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oil in dispersing compressed air. The values can either be determined individually or simultaneously.

The Dräger Oil Impactor

The new Dräger Oil Impactor is especially designed to detect oil aerosols in compressed air. It is a system that, besides measurements of normal oils, enables the measurement of synthetic oils independent of the oil type and viscosity. Quantitative results are easily visible via a tiered structure.

Fast and simple application

Using normal tools, the measuring instrument can be connected via a G 5/8 connector to the high-pressure air network. It takes five minutes until the Aerotest displays an indication about the degree of contamination of the filled breathing air.

Always ready for use

All components of the Dräger Aerotest Simultan HP are arranged in a carrying case and therefore always ready for use.

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