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Dräger REGARD-1

Robust, reliable and very cost effective. The compact Regard-1 is a complete standalone system for the control of a single gas detector; suitable for monitors of toxic gases, oxygen, combustible gases and vapours.

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High flexibility

The Regard-1 can either be connected to a 4-20-mA transmitter or to Polytron-SE-Ex mV sensing heads. There are three fully configurable alarm relays: rising or falling, latching or non-latching. The alarm status is displayed via three LEDs. They will flash with a new alarm, light up continuously to display an acknowledged alarm situation or extinguish if there is no alarm. The gas concentration is displayed continually on a large LC display. If the alarm thresholds are exceeded or if a fault occurs, the integrated audible alarm will sound. To indicate a transmitter or system fault, a fault relay is provided, a separate fault led is provided on the panel which will flash under new fault condition, light continuously under acknowledged fault condition or will be extinguished under normal or healthy conditions. During maintenance, the maintenance or inhibit relay can be used to report this special status via a remote display.

Useful additions

The Regard-1 can be equipped with an optional TWA control module. This module enables the output of a TWA alarm as well as the repeat of a 4 to 20mA signal and the alarm states via a digital interface. To ensure the operation of the Regard-1 during a power failure, two batteries of 1.2 Ah each can be inserted into the integrated battery compartment. Depending on the transmitter used, they will enable an operating time from 30 minutes up to two hours. The batteries are re-charged by the Regard-1.

Robust enclosure

The robust IP65 enclosure enables the installation of the control system at virtually any location within safe areas.


In accordance with the ATEX directive, the system is certified to EN 61779-1/4/5 and EN 50104 for explosion monitoring and oxygen measuring and, therefore, also suitable for applications which require the measuring function for explosion protection (primary measure in accordance with EN 1127-1, paragraph 6). In addition, the system was also tested independently to EN 45544 for the monitoring of toxic gases.

Brochure: Gas List 2013 (PDF)

List of detectable gases and vapours.

Brochure: Functional Safety and gas detection systems (PDF)

Safety Instrumented Systems are used to reduce the risk for the protection of people, plants, and environment.

Brochure: More than the sum of their components (PDF)

For over 70 years, Dräger has been one of the technology leaders in gas detection.

Brochure: Explosion protection and gas detection systems (PDF)

Explosion hazards mostly arise from flammable gases and vapours. Instead of avoiding their ignition by explosion protection measures it may be preferable to detect them before they become ignitable.

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