3D design of rooms and workplaces in real time

The 3D rendering software developed by Dräger visualises abstract and technical data. The dimensions and layout of rooms and room elements, such as doors and windows, can easily be changed to meet your requirements. At the heart of this feature is the interactive workplace design. You use a simple drag-and-drop function to configure supply units and devices, and to arrange them in the room. It is also simple to position pieces of equipment and persons, in order to simulate an integrated and optimal workplace layout. It is possible to create and save different versions of individual projects, as well as to change them at any time and save or send them as a single image or film. The performance characteristics of this workplace planning tool are obvious:

• Innovative and interactive visualisation
• Realistic behaviour of all elements and accessories
• Simple operation
• Self-explanatory and intuitive

3D, even before implementation

This film offers you a short summary of the functions offered by the 3D tool.

Step by step to the 3D model

This detailed tutorial demonstrates how the Dräger 3D rendering software can transform your project into a graphic, virtual model.