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Dräger Babylog® VN500

For generations to come. The Babylog® VN500 combines our years of experience with the latest technology. The result is a complete, integrated ventilation solution for the tiniest of patients. Move on toward new frontiers today and be prepared for the developments of tomorrow.


Configurable user interface and monitoring tools

  • Individual monitoring views that can be determined by the user

  • Standardised, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface

  • Online help including context-sensitive help functions

  • Extended monitoring functions and smart data visualizations

Decision-making tools that decrease cognitive workload

  • Smart Pulmonary View provides a graphical display of the compliance and resistance, including spontaneous breathing

  • Trending, measured parameters, waveforms and loops

Workstation functions

  • Configuration to suit your needs

  • Downloadable screenshots for training, research and knowledge transfer

  • Fast, standard configuration of all Babylog VN500 devices via USB

  • Ability to connect the C500 Cockpit display to an overhead projector

  • Several log export options to support learning and research

Advanced respiratory care

  • HFOV including ‘sigh’ breaths for lung recruitment and Volume Guarantee

  • Original Dräger leak adaptation and leak compensation technology to maintain sensitive triggering and volume targets

  • PC-MMV can be used for weaning and promotes spontaneous breathing and automatically adapts support in line with patient needs

  • Integrated non-invasive ventilation and high-flow oxygen therapy

Option Smart Pulmonary View (PDF)

​The Smart Pulmonary View performs realtime visualization of pulmonary function data.

Option: High Frequency Oscillation (PDF)

Infinity® Acute Care System™ - Dräger Babylog® VN500: By adding the High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) option to your Babylog® VN500 ventilation unit, you can greatly expand your spectrum of respiratory resources without changing ventilators.

Option: Volume Ventilation (PDF)

Infinity® Acute Care System - Dräger Babylog® VN500:

Dräger Babylog® VN500 (PDF)

For generations to come.

Workstation Neonatal Care: Dräger Babylog® VN500 (PDF)

​Comprehensive ventilatory support at the bedside: When it comes to the neonatal care area, clinicians need immediate access to the complete spectrum of respiratory support.

Brochure: A Place to Thrive (PDF)


Accessory Catalogue (See Catalogue)

Breathing Systems and Accessories, Monitoring Accessories, Perinatal Care Accessories, Sensors Oxygen/Flow, Soda lime, Ward Equipment.

Booklet: Non-invasive ventilation: A century of experience (PDF)

​Since the first use of positive end-expiratory pressure ventilation in the late 1930's non-invasive ventilation (NIV) has come a very long way.

Booklet: Ventilation modes in intensive care (PDF)

​With the compilation of a common nomenclature for all patient groups in intensive care, anesthesia and during monitoring, Dräger Medical makes an important contribution to these efforts. Dräger Medical recognizes the necessity of practical clarity when describing modes.

Booklet: Pressure Support Ventilation (PDF)

​A New Triggered Ventilation Mode for Neonates

​​Journal of Perinatology: Article “A practical guide to neonatal volume guarantee ventilation”

This article written by C Klingenberg, KI Wheeler, PG Davis and CJ Morley was published in the September 2011 issue of the Journal of Perinatology.

Booklet: High-Frequency Ventilation (PDF)

Basics and Practical Application

Booklet: Volume Guarantee (PDF)

​New Approaches in Volume Controlled Ventilation for Neonates

Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care

Non-invasive technologies

​Non-invasive technologies

Infinity® ID-Accessories

Accessories that actively cooperateEach and every Infinity ID-accessory has been designed to offer additional functionality, which - that has been demonstrated by the daily clinical routine at Zurich's University Hospital - can help you simplify routine tasks, streamline workflow and increase safety levels.

CO2 cuvette, pediatric patients, disposable

(Resistance 2.4 mbar (2.4 cmH2O) at 30 L/min, internal volume 5 mL)Order-no. MP01063 (set of 10)

Nasal prongs

Nasal prong XS, Order-no. 8418415 (set of 10)Nasal prong S, Order-no. 8418605(set of 10) Nasal prong M, Order-no. 8418416 (set of 10)Nasal prong L, Order-no. 8418531(set of 10)Nasal prong XL, Ordern-no. 8418417(set of 10)

Neonatal Flow Sensor Y-piece

(Resistance 12 mbar (12 cmH2O) at 30 L/min, internal volume 1.7 mL)Order-no. 8410185

Complete Accessories Portfolio

​For product details, please see the pdf of the accessories catalogues

BabyFlow disposable

Order-no. 8418583(set of 20)


HME HumidStar 10A(Resistance 0.1 mbar (0.1 cmH2O) at 5 L/min, internal volume 10 mL)Order-no. MP01740 (set of 50)HME HumidStar 2(Resistance 0.5 mbar (0.5 cmH2O) at 5 L/min, internal volume 2 mL)Order-no. MP01745 (set of 50)

Hose sets F & P HFV

​Hose sets HFV F & P with autoclavable, lightweight hoses of Hytrel with shorter life span and specificially recommended for use of Babylog 8000 HFV .8411153

BabyFlow Demo package

disposable componentsOrder-no. 8418550


Cap, disposable, size S,Order-no. 8418534 (set of 5)Cap, disposable, size M,Order-no. 8418535 (set of 5)Cap, disposable, size L,Order-no. 8418536 (set of 5)Cap, disposable, size XL,Order-no. 8418537 (set of 5)Cap, disposable, size XXL,Order-no. 8418538 (set of 5)Cap, disposable, size XXL plus,Order-no. 8418539 (set of 5)


Filter/HME TwinStar 8(Resistance 0.6 mbar (0.6 cmH2O) at 5 L/min,internal volume 8 mL)Order-no. MP01820 (set of 50)Filter/HME TwinStar 10A (Resistance 0.4 mbar (0.4 cmH2O) at 5 L/min,internal volume 10 mL)Order-no. MP01825 (set of 50)

Infinity® ID breathing circuit (N)

Inspiratory heated, incl. humidifier chamber for F&P MR 850, neonates,Order-no. MP00343 (set of 10)


Mask size S, Order-no. 8418491 (set of 10)Mask size M, Order-no. 8418490 (set of 10)Mask size L, Order-no. 8418619 (set of 10)

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Training & Professional Services
Babylog VN500 Product Trainer Version 1

This Product Trainer is designed to support you in learning how to operate the Babylog VN500 effectively and with confidence - whenever and wherever you want.

Start Online Version

Dräger Remote Service Link

​Today, biomeds are under enormous pressure. Clinical personnel demand peak performance from vital medical equipment. Hospital managers are constantly striving to reduce costs. IT managers require that data and network integrity are maintained.

Dräger Academy – Basics of Respiration and Ventilation

​But how exactly does breathing work? And what happens when a person actually "runs out of air" and must be ventilated? Click on the link to our eLearning program to learn more.

Webinar: Neonatal Volume Guarantee Ventilation (84 MB / ZIP)

Recorded neonatal volume guarantee ventilation webinar, conducted by Prof. Colin J. Morley, UK and hosted by Dräger.

Babylog VN500 Trainer Version1 - Download Version

(.zip file / 19 MB)This Product Trainer is designed to support you in learning how to operate the Babylog VN500 effectively and with confidence - whenever and wherever you want.

Webinar HFO (64 MB / ZIP)

​Recorded Webinar: High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in the neonatal patient Condencted by Prof. Manuel Sánchez Luna

Webinar HFO (64 MB / ZIP)

​Recorded Webinar: High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation in the neonatal patient Condencted by Prof. Manuel Sánchez Luna

Webinar: Neonatal Volume Guarantee Ventilation (84 MB / ZIP)

Recorded neonatal volume guarantee ventilation webinar, conducted by Prof. Colin J. Morley, UK and hosted by Dräger.


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