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Medical Vacuum Systems

Dräger plans, builds, maintains and certifies high-quality vacuum systems for medical applications. All systems can be tailored to suit any hospital's needs and feature highly reliable components and redundant design. At the heart of the vacuum system, the Dräger Medical Vacuum Control (MVC™) ensures medical-grade quality and offers a wide range of monitoring and alarm functions.

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50 Years of experience

Vacuum generation is an essential component of the supply system for medical gases in any hospital, and a reliable vacuum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical routine. Dräger has more than 50 years’ experience in the development and manufacturing of fully automatic vacuum systems, which are used to aspirate fluids and secretions in the OR, on the ICU and on regular treatment wards. Dräger offers its customers comprehensive planning, project management, installation and service from a single source. We use only proven quality products that conform to all relevant statutory regulations and standards.​​

Uncompromising reliability

​The combination of high-quality components and intelligent system design ensures reliable operation and guarantees the vacuum supply even in the case of component malfunctions. All key components, such as pumps, filters and contactors, are backed up with identical reserve units in a redundant design based on relevant standards and thorough risk assessment. Built-in safety features can counter critical incidents, such as short circuits, overloads or cable breaks. This redundancy also allows maintenance of the system without interrupting the vacuum supply. Comprehensive alarm and monitoring functionality gives the operator constant feedback on the status of the system and informs immediately in case of any operational or emergency alarm. In addition, the fully automatic, PLC-based system (programmable logic control), which includes base-load switchover, is backed up by mechanical pressure switches for maximum supply continuity.

System design

​Quality and reliability are top priorities for our medical supply systems. That is why we emphasize absolute compliance with all pertinent regulations and quality guidelines during the project planning and installation phases of all systems. Dräger builds vacuum plants according to ISO 7396-1. This quality approach is also valid for every single component of the system.


​Designed and manufactured by Dräger, the MVC is a medical vacuum control system that can be seamlessly integrated into the Dräger alarm management system. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that everything is under complete control.

User friendly

Thanks to the MVC, Dräger vacuum systems are extremely user friendly. The constant control of the vacuum supply using state-of-the-art sensors combined with PLC ensure fully automatic operation. An integrated, multilingual text display provides comprehensive information on alarm status, operational status and service intervals, keeping you informed as to the condition of your system at a glance.​​

Modular design

​The precision-engineered, modular design of Dräger vacuum systems can be tailored exactly to any hospital's needs. At the core of the system, two to four oil-free or oil-lubricated pumps with performance ratings ranging from 1.1 kW to 18.5 kW provide the required vacuum at the specified redundancy level. All other system components, such as receivers, bacterial filters and secretion traps, are chosen to match the system dimensions.
The PLC-based control panel can be programmed according to system configuration and operational demands to provide optimal system operation and satisfy individual hospital requirements.

Alarm integration

​The Medical Vacuum Control monitors and switches the vacuum pumps to ensure an even aggregate load and alert you to any system malfunction as early as possible. Both control and alarm signals can be transferred to external systems via potentialfree contacts, or be fed directly to the optional Dräger Alarm Management System (AMS).

AMS manages all the alarms that the Gas Management System can provide and can also transfer those alarms to your existing building management system.



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