At your side in the Operating Room

At Dräger, we believe that OR technology should advance the safety, precision, and efficiency of the surgical team — always. Medical technology should make workflow faster and easier for clinicians. Interfaces should be familiar and intuitive — consistent across different workstations thus reducing the potential for error. Data should be entered once and be available across multiple platforms to support decision making. Anaesthesia technology should reduce the use and cost of inhalation agents while providing faster patient recoveries. Ultimately, innovations in workplace design and clinical information management can improve both patient safety and outcomes while supporting high OR throughput at maximal flexibility.

Our concepts for the Operating Room

Dräger OR technology is sophisticated without being complicated, which translates into optimal patient care. It enables the OR team to manage more procedures. Our advanced workplace designs, anaesthesia workstations, accessories, mobile monitoring, dedicated service concepts and comprehensive clinical information management solutions are designed for safety and efficiency. And Dräger supports hospitals in streamlining their workflow with custom-designed ORs. This integrated approach makes it possible to help reduce costs at highest standards in patient safety and outcomes.
Patient Monitoring & IT Solutions
Patient Monitoring & IT Solutions
Medical technology has grown increasingly complex – and that complexity can take you away from direct patient care. That’s why Dräger offers easy to use solutions that let you focus more on patients and less on technology.

Our applications for the Operating Room

Our accessories meet the highest standards for quality

​Dräger has developed a complete range of accessories for specific use with our medical devices. They are manufactured according to the highest quality standards, provide safe operation and excellent performance.