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Dräger Oxylog® 3000 plus

Offering high ventilation performance with features such as AutoFlow® integrated capnography and non-invasive Ventilation, the compact and robust Oxylog® 3000 plus helps you transport your patients safely and provides feedback on correctness of intubation and ventilation effectiveness. The Oxylog® 3000 plus gives you confidence to master even the most demanding situations.


High confidence during transport

Whether you are transporting critically ill patients in your hospital or in the field, with new features such as AutoFlow®, integrated capnography, full paediatric support and enhanced data connectivity, you don't have to compromise on therapy during transport. ​

Wide range of ventilation modes and AutoFlow

The Oxylog 3000 plus offers a complete range of volume- and pressure controlled ventilation modes, including VC-AC, VC-SIMV, Spn-CPAP and PC-BIPAP*. Non-invasive ventilation with sophisticated leak compensation is also provided as standard. With the AutoFlow option, you can provide volume controlled ventilation with minimised peak inspiratory pressure for advanced patient care.

Integrated capnography

Monitoring patients in the field can be challenging. Available with integrated mainstream CO2 monitoring, the Oxylog 3000 plus helps you confirm correct intubation and ventilation performance at all times. ​

Ready for paediatric patients

A specially designed, dedicated paediatric patient circuit with reduced dead space and low compliance is available for use with the Oxylog 3000 plus. This enables you to provide quality ventilation to an even wider range of patients with a single device.

Automatic altitude compensation

Tested for use in fixed and rotary wing aircraft, the Oxylog 3000 plus automatically compensates for altitude, adjusting provided- and measured patient volumes accordingly, eliminating the need for manual calculation and reducing the risk of error.

Standard equipment

The Oxylog 3000 plus uses the same reusable and disposable hoses like Oxylog 3000 and Oxylog 2000 plus. This increases your efficiency and saves you valuable storage space and training time.

Intuitive user interface

The Oxylog 3000 plus uses the same intuitive user interface common to most current Dräger products. The select-adjust-confirm operating system facilitates a rapid user familiarization process. Clinical parameters, curves and ventilation settings are clearly displayed on the screen which makes sure you can have a quick assessment of the patient’s status even in hectic situations. The intuitive user interface allows you to easily and quickly operate the device after switching it on.

Advanced data export functionality

With its advanced data export functions, the Oxylog 3000 plus can not only export ventilation parameter data to external monitors and data management systems in real time, but it can also take full advantage of Dräger Remote Service. This innovative concept lets you transfer status information from your Oxylog 3000 plus to DrägerService for analysis. This supports you in increasing equipment up-time.

* Trademark used under license ​

BTPS & Ambient Pressure Correction in air medical transport (PDF)

​Mechanical ventilation can be challenging during air medical transport, particularly due to the impact of changing atmospheric pressure with changing altitude.

Airworthiness Certification and the Oxylog® 3000 plus (PDF)

​Oxylog® 3000 is the benchmark in airmedical transport ventilation.Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) and Helicopter Critical Care Transport (HCCT) all over the world trust the Oxylog® 3000 to provide sophisticated ventilation.

Booklet: Non-invasive ventilation (PDF)

​Non-Invasive Ventilation with the Oxylog® 2000 plus and Oxylog® 3000 plus.

Product information: Carrying System (PDF)

Complete ventilation solution in just one hand.

Accessories Catalogue (PDF)

​Breathing Systems and Accessories, Monitoring Accessories, Perinatal Care Accessories, Sensors Oxygen/Flow, Soda lime, Ward Equipment

Special print: Rettungs-Magazin (PDF)

Issue May/June 2011CPAP therapy within rescue services - Tubeless ventilation.

Special Print: Der Notarzt (PDF)

Issue October 2011 Capnography in Pre- and Hospital Treatment.

Carrying System

This ergonomically designed Carrying System provides an integrated solution for carrying and transporting an Oxylog® 3000 plus or an Oxylog® 2000 plus and an oxygen cylinder with a minimum of effort. The frame is small and light with rounded corners to prevent any discomfort in carrying.

Automatic Oxygen Switch

Order-no. 5704500 (configuration)

Alduk IV

Order-no. 5704500 (configuration)

Allround wallholder

(for use with Carrying System) Order-no. 5704216

Oxylog® Trolley

With the easy-to use functional Oxylog® trolley system intensive care patients can quickly and smoothly be transported throughout the hospital without interrupting therapy.

VentStar Oxylog 3000 plus disposable hose system 3.0 m

Order-no. MP00335

VentStar Oxylog 3000 plus disposable hose system 1.5 m

Order-no. 5703041 (set of 5)

Reusable hose set 1.5 m

(incl measuring leads) Order-no. 8412068

Reusable hose set 3.0 m

(incl measuring leads) Order-no. 8412913

VentStar Oxylog 3000 plus disposable (P) 190

Pediatric ventilation hose system

Order-no. 5704964 (set of 5)

Reusable angled connector

Order-no. 8412235

Test lung

Order-no. 8403201

Reusable flow sensor

Order-no. 8412034

Disposable CO2 Cuvette - paed.

Order-no. MP01063

(set of 10)

Disposable CO2 Cuvette - Adults

Order-no. MP01062

(set of 10)


TwinStar 90 Order-no. MP01800
(set of 50)
TwinStar 55 Order-no. MP01805
(set of 50)
TwinStar 65A Order-no. MP01810
(set of 50)
TwinStar 25 Order-no. MP01815
(set of 50)


SafeStar 80 Order-no. MP01785
(set of 50)
SafeStar 55 Order-no. MP01755
(set of 50)
SafeStar 60A Order-no. MP01795
(set of 50)


CareStar 45 Order-no. MP01755
(set of 50)
CareStar 40A Order-no. MP01765
(set of 50)
CareStar 30 Order-no. MP01770
(set of 50)

ComfortStar Face Mask with Hook Ring

Size 1 - Order-no. MP01511 (set of 20)
Size 2 - Order-no. MP01512 (set of 20)
Size 3 - Order-no. MP01513 (set of 20)
Size 4 - Order-no. MP01514 (set of 20)
Size 5 - Order-no. MP01515 (set of 20)
Size 6 - Order-no. MP01516 (set of 20)

NovaStar NIV, Full-Face Mask with SE

Size S - Order-no. MP01579 (set of 20)
Size M - Order-no. MP01580 (set of 20)
Size L - Order-no. MP01581 (set of 20)

ClassicStar NIV, Full-Face Mask with SE

Size S - Order-no. MP01573 (set of 20)
Size M - Order-no. MP01574 (set of 20)
Size L - Order-no. MP01575 (set of 20)

LiteStar, without hook ring

Size 1, neonate - Order-no. MP01501
(set of 30)
Size 2, infant - Order-no. MP01502
(set of 30)
Size 3, toddler - Order-no. MP01503
(set of 30)
Size 4, small - Order-no. MP01504
(set of 30)
Size 5, medium - Order-no. MP01505
(set of 30)
Size 6, large - Order-no. MP01506
(set of 30)

DC / DC converter

(10 - 32 V DC)

Order-no. 5704799

Battery charging station

Order-no. 2M86729

Lithium Ion battery

(10 - 32 V DC)

Order-no. 2M86733

AC / DC power supply

(100 - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz) 0 - 60 Hz)

Order-no. 5704750

Central gas hoses

1,5 or 3 m; spiral or straight

Order-no. 5704500 (configuration)

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