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Flexible and compact NIV® ventilator - the road to recovery!

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Carina® - a convenient, comfortable, and compact choice

With Carina®,Dräger has developed an innovative,high performance NIV ventilator that is comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. This compact, mobile unit optimizes workflow and workspace usage. Carina recognizes changes in flow parameters and patient status, and offers a range of ventilation modes for spontaneous and mandatory ventilation. The integrated blender can supply oxygen concentrations from 21-100%, thus providing just the right amount of support while giving the patient room to breathe. Should the need arise, Carina can also be used for invasive ventilation.

Comfortable operation

We know how important a restful, healing environment is to patients and caregivers. That’s why the Carina® features an extremely quiet blower that enables practically silent operation (max. 40 dBA). A 5.4 inch, high-visibility TFT color monitor displays your choice of value or curve information which can be further customized to suit your particular needs.

Innovative features

Dräger’s unique SyncPlus® functionality provides the kind of consistent flow that translates to superior therapeutic benefit, without compromising on comfort. Carina's AutoRamp® feature simulates a natural breathing pattern, which helps optimize inflation flow delivery to the patient.

Compact device

Weighing in at just 5.5 kg, the Carina’s extremely compact design lets you take it nearly anywhere for subacute care. For patient transfers or in case of power failure, the internal battery can provide power for up to an hour of off-line operation, while an optional external battery unit can power the Carina® for up to 9 hours.

Product Information
Brochure: Dräger Carina (PDF)

Flexible and compact NIV ventilator – The road to recovery

Carina® Pocket Guide (Software version 3.n)

The Carina® Pocket Guide is not a replacement or substitute for the Instructions for Use, it is for informational purposes only.

Datasheet Carina®

The convenient, comfortable, and compact Carina, with its

Brochure: Carina SyncPlus® (PDF)

synchronizes ventilation to enhance patient comfort


VentStar® Carina® ExpV

Single patient circuit set with expiration valve; length:150 cm Part No: MP00313 Units per pack: 5

Reusable silicone ciruit, length:150 cm

Part No: 2165643 Units per pack: 1

Test Lung Bag

Part No: 8403201 Units per pack: 1

Mask NovaStar®

Gel mask (vented mask) - reusable up to 5 patients Part No: MP01576 / MP01577 / MP01578 Small / Medium / Large Units per pack: 1

Filter SafeStar® 55 'Mechanical'

HEPA breathing filter, compressible volume: 55 ml; recommended tidal volume: 200 - 1500 ml Part No: MP01790 Units per pack: 50

​Filter / HME TwinStar® 55

Bacterial/viral filter and HME, compressible volume: 55 ml; recommended tidal volume: 200 - 1500 ml Part No: MP01805 Units per pack: 50

​For product details, please see the pdf of the accessories catalogues


​VentStar® Carina® LeakV

Single patient circuit set with leakage valve; length: 150cm Part No: MP00312 Units per pack: 5

​Disposable expiration valve

Part No: MP00220 Units per pack: 1

Mask ClassicStar® with

with Swivel elbow (non-vented) - Single patient use Part No: MP01573 / MP01574 / MP01575 Small / Medium / Large Units per pack: 1

​Filter CareStar® 30

Bacterial/viral filter, compressible volume: 30 ml; recommended tidal volume: 100 - 1500 ml Part No: MP01770 Units per pack: 50

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Training and Education
Dräger Carina eTrainer

This Training is designed to support you in learning how to operate the Carina effectively and with confidence - whenever and wherever you want.

Webinar: NIV for COPD (34 MB / ZIP)

Watch our international NIV webinar, hosted by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Windisch from the University Hospital Freiburg, Germany and supported by Dräger.

Carina iPhone App

With this App you can simulate a ventilated patient on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and find out how to operate the Carina.

Carina Trainer - Download VersionCarina Trainer - Download Version

(.zip file / 107 MB) This Training is designed to support you in learning how to operate the Carina effectively and with confidence - whenever and wherever you want.

Booklet: It began with the Pulmotor One Hundred Years of Artificial Ventilation (PDF)

For Dräger, the history of ventilation is more than a sober chronological list – the history of ventilation is closely linked with the history of the Dräger family.

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