Webinars for Firefighters: Archived Webinars

Webinar 1: Unmasking The Threat of HCN and CO

Modern technology has changed the way fire burns. It's hotter, flashovers are faster and it's much more toxic. As a result, firefighters have been dying from toxic chemicals like HCN and CO. Dräger is now offering a webinar program to educate you on ways to protect yourself.
Smoke emits deadly, invisible gases. Of these, the most toxic are hydrogen cyanide (HCN) and carbon monoxide (CO). Combined, they're fast acting and fatal. This webinar educates firefighters of all levels on ways to protect themselves against these silent killers.

Webinar 3: Understanding Flashovers (coming soon)

Hosted by Captain Craig Nielsen, this webinar covers several important topics about flashovers including: defining flashovers and why they are occurring more frequently, addressing safety precautions for handling flashovers, understanding the warning signs of an impending flashover, and providing instruction on observing fire behavior in a controlled safety setting with Dräger Swede Survival training systems.

Webinar 4: Expect More From Your Thermal Imaging Camera

Hosted by Chris Cerci, a 19-year veteran of the fire service with 14 years at the City of McKeesport, this educational webinar covers the advanced fundamentals of thermal imaging, including: 6 sided imaging, multiple uses for thermal imaging within your department, and much more.