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Jaundice Meter JM-103

The Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 is a hand-held transcutaneous bilirubin meter that provides an objective index of icterus in infants. It presents some unique attributes like a re-usable tip, a light source checker and ergonomic design to allow ease of use.

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Make routine screening less stressful

Transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) measurement offers a gentle, pain-free alternative to traditional jaundice screening. There’s no blood draw, removing a major stress from fragile babies and their parents. Think of it – no more delays waiting for laboratory results. When used with other clinical signs, it is just reliable information for expert decision-making.

Fewer steps to immediate information

The Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 is a solution specifically designed to efficiently overcome the challenges faced when managing jaundice. Complete this vital task in the fewest possible steps to free up more time for infant care. Its ergonomic, compact design promotes ease of use, while long battery life enables you to get more done between charges.

Enhance process efficiency

The Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 streamlines jaundice screening practices by producing reliable measurements with significantly fewer steps, saving you both time and frustration.

Minimize cost of ownership

Take the sting out of screening. Because the Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 features a reusable probe tip, it requires no costly disposables. With the volume of screenings performed in the nursery, the cost of such disposable items can quickly exceed the initial cost of the device itself. What you get with the Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 is consistent quality, cost-effectively delivered over the lifetime of the device.

Ease of use starts with convenient training

​As part of our ongoing commitment to effective training, Dräger offers a series of Education & Training tools designed to help care professionals optimize system utility and safe operation. A comprehensive training video and corresponding training manual deliver clear, concise instruction that enables you to become proficient in routine use of the Dräger Jaundice Meter JM-103 in minimal amount of time.

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