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Dräger Alcotest® 6810

With its large data memory, the Alcotest® 6810 provides a quick and accurate breath alcohol analysis for professional users. This instrument is listed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Conforming Products List (NHTSA CPL) as an Evidential Breath Tester for Department of Transportation applications. FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY

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Sophisticated technology

The electrochemical sensor (fuel cell) of the Dräger Alcotest® 6810 reacts specifically to alcohol and excels with very short response times. Even with a very high alcohol content, the devices ensures quick measurements.

Comfortable operation

The Alcotest® 6810 is compact in design and is very easy to operate. Thanks to its special ergonomic shape, the device is suitable for operators who are right-handed or left-handed. The breath sample is collected automatically or manually. The quantitative result of the measured value is displayed in each case.

Safe and hygienic

A special tab on the mouthpiece assures a safe distance between the operator's hand and the subject's mouth.

Simple test procedure

With its patented mouthpiece with non-return valve, the device meets the most demanding hygiene requirements. To prevent manipulation as much as possible, sample collection is controlled by a microprocessor. The test results are displayed on an illuminated graphics LC display and accompanied by color LEDs and acoustic signals.

Recording test results

The device has a memory for approximately 2000 test results. Via an optical interface, the logs can be printed on the Dräger Mobile Printer or, transferred to a PC. Device configuration is also carried out via a PC communication. All test results are accompanied by a time stamp.

Low energy consumption

The device is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, which yields over > 1,500 tests.

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