Making Roads Safer

Preventing alcohol and drug-related accidents is a national priority. It is also a dangerous task requiring experience, teamwork, and precision. Even the slightest compromise in accuracy can result in a case being dismissed, and a dangerous driver getting back behind the wheel.

In the US, Dräger’s diagnostics division is represented by a dedicated subsidiary, Draeger Safety Diagnostics Inc., (DSDI). DSDI is proud to provide the US breath alcohol and drug detection market with a complete detection portfolio. From providing top of the line evidential breath tests to the easiest interlock on the market, DSDI is dedicated to improving safety.

For law enforcement on the go, this is safety technology at its finest. This is Technology for Life.

Screening Equipment That You Can Rely On

​Dräger has decades of experience in the areas of breath alcohol testing, and more recently, oral fluid drug screening. The organization is a world leader in this field with many police forces using Dräger equipment. When an officer performs breath alcohol and drug tests on members of the public, there’s more than road safety at stake. If the public doesn’t trust the accuracy of the equipment, results can be challenged as well as the findings of the officer. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of the officers’ findings by producing defensible, accurate equipment. Dräger’s stringent quality controls ensure screening equipment delivers reliable results – to the benefit of officers, prosecutors and the public alike.

Dräger in the News

Press releases and news about our latest innovations

Dräger Interlock™ XT

The Dräger Interlock XT is a breath-alcohol measuring instrument that can prevent a vehicle from being started if the driver's breath alcohol concentration is higher than his or her state's legal limit. It was specifically designed not to get in the way, so drivers can spend more time driving safely and less time interacting with the device.

Interlock and D-Safe™ Training

By offering a number of training options and formats, including in the classroom and online, Dräger can provide a personalized training at a great value to your monitoring agency. Along with instrument training, we also provide training on our internet based application designed to assist you with monitoring the participant’s monthly compliance on the interlock program.