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Dräger Polytron® 5000

The microprocessor-based transmitter can be equipped with various electrochemical DrägerSensors. This way, you can detect oxygen and various toxic gases in ambient air – reliably, quickly and cost-effectively, as the Polytron 5000 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in measurement technology.

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Proven – and still getting better: Dräger Measurement Technology

​Dräger has been developing and manufacturing sensors and gas detectors for industrial use for more than 40 years. And with each new device generation, we drive our measurement technology a bit further. With the Polytron 5000, you will definitely benefit from this experience and power of innovation:

  • durable sensors
  • short response times
  • high sensitivity
  • high accuracy
  • low sensitivity to other gases or changing ambient conditions

Quick and easy wiring

​The electronics and the bezel form a single unit. Simply pull them out of the housing. Then insert the two-wire cable into the terminals. Finally plug the terminal block into the PCB.

Further advantages

  • ​Aluminum or 316 L stainless steel housing for the most extreme industrial conditions
  • Extremely user-friendly software thanks to a minimum number of menu items

Optional: Two mounting sets for easy flange-mounting

​The housing has four mounting holes. Two different mounting sets are available for installing the Polytron 5000: a duct-mount and a pipe mount set. This means that the transmitter can be easily installed anywhere – e.g., on a smooth wall, a pipe or an exhaust duct.

Easy and cost-effective: Single-operator calibration

​The transmitter settings can be changed and maintenance carried out without opening the housing. Declassification of the hazardous, classified area is not necessary. Use the magnetic wand to quickly and easily select menu items and functions. An additional hand held terminal is not required. The sensor contains an integrated database where all important information is stored. This enables you to use pre-calibrated sensors.

Dräger Gas List 2011 List of detectable gases and vapours

Gas list to find a suitable fixed installed Dräger gas detection instrument for a specified substance.

Drägersensor® (PDF)

​At the heart of gas detection systems

Gas detection systems (PDF)

More than the sum of their components


Magnetic Wand for menu access


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Modular design – highly flexible: The universal transmitter Dräger Polytron 7000 measures toxic gases and oxygen and can be optimally adjusted to the most different applications.

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High measuring quality alongside very simple mounting and very easy operation. The intrinsically safe transmitter Polytron 3000 is ideally suited to the industrial use of measuring toxic gases and oxygen.

Dräger Polytron 5200

Quick, reliable and cost-effective detection of combustible gases and vapors in ambient air: the microprocessor-based transmitter is the result of more than 40 years of experience in measurement technology. In addition, the CatEx sensor of the Polytron 5200 DD can be replaced with a more poison-resistant IR sensor, upgrading the Polytron 5200 DD to an IR device (Polytron 5310).

DrägerSensor EC Electrochemical sensors

Faster response – higher accuracy – greater stability – longer life: Dräger electrochemical sensors offer all these benefits. The robust and long-life sensors for Dräger Transmitters are used for the selective measuring of the smallest concentrations of toxic gases and oxygen in ambient air, under ambient conditions.

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