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Dräger CPS 7900

The gas-tight suit Dräger CPS 7900 provides excellent protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents, and other toxic substances. Its innovative material qualifies the CPS 7900 equally well for work in explosive areas and for handling cryogenic substances.


Protection in a class of its own

The chemical protective suit Dräger CPS 7900 was developed to protect its wearer when handling toxic or hazardous materials and to provide much needed support for a variety of dangerous tasks. The advanced material of the CPS 7900 (D-mex) offers maximum protection against chemicals and warfare agents as well as being flash protected. Even cryogenic materials will not damage the material or even make the material to become stiff or crack.

Outstanding wearing comfort

The chemical protective suit reduces the stress during the already difficult work in hazard zones and danger areas. With its new, ergonomic cut and five available sizes, the suit offers its wearers with a body height of 1.50 m to 2.10 m the highest degree of mobility during a wide variety of activities and tasks. Moreover, the clearly lighter weight and better drape of the suit material adjusts to the wearer's movements and offers the full range of flexibility.

Ready for the extraordinary

​Accessories are available to customize the chemical protective suit to meet your specific needs and requirements, thereby expanding your range of application options. Including pressure gauge holder, height adjustment, anti-fog visor and D-Connect.

D-MEX: 5-Fold safety

The suit's innovative and unique material D-mex™ consists of five layers. An especially sturdy elastomer layer as well as a barrier layer resistant to chemicals is on the inside as well as the outside. This allows the suit to retain its full protective capacity even when the material on the outside becomes damaged. Its electrostatic properties make it possible to use the suit in all explosive areas. If a spark occurs in spite of this remarkable fabric, the flame-retardant and self-extinguishing material protects its wearer from serious burns. The flexibility of D-mex™ even makes it possible to handle liquefied gases such as ammonia at a contact temperature of -80°C.

Ready at any time

​​Innovative materials and new service concepts made it possible to significantly reduce time and expenses for regular testing and expenses. In addition, the suit can be easily cleaned and disinfected. This means the time and expense spent over the 15 years of service life of the suit is much less.

Never again gasping for a breath

​​Breathing air is a scarce commodity when it comes to runs involving toxic materials or hazardous atmospheres. The route to the deployment location and the decontamination location must be bridged. The actual tasks must be completed. This is followed by a careful decontamination so that suits can be removed. The amount of air available in a compressed air breathing apparatus often is insufficient to cover both activities. For this reason the suit can be equipped with optional pass thrus.

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