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Dräger PSS® 5000

The Dräger PSS™ 5000 SCBA is one of the most ergonomically advanced self-contained breathing apparatus carrying systems designed to date, giving firefighters increased comfort, safety, and performance.


A new generation of breathing apparatus

​The PSS 5000 combines established technology and state-of-the-art materials with innovative thinking to offer:

– Unimpeded, 360-degree audio and visual availability
– Outstanding thermal, impact, and chemical resistance
– Easy maintenance and service
– Integrated, versatile hose routing
– Wide variety of system configurations and accessories
– Electronic monitoring with the Dräger Sentinel™ 7000

The Dräger PSS™ 5000 is designed not only to be comfortable, but also extremely rugged for harsh firefighting environments. Incorporating a rigid harness connected to a fixed-height back plate, state-of-the-art harness materials, and a pivoting waist belt help to keep the Dräger PSS™ 5000 in position in the commotion of a firefight. For maximum protection, the Dräger Sentinel™ 7000 has an innovative, compact design that integrates the power supply and pressure sensor modules into the back plate, creating a balanced weight distribution. The Dräger PSS pneumatics and cylinder strap design create SCBA support that’s effective in virtually any application.

Integrated and customizable

​Both the Dräger Sentinel™ 7000 and air supply hoses on the Dräger PSS™ 5000 are integrated into the back plate to minimize the risk of damage and snagging. The LDV, Dräger Sentinel™ 7000, and rescue hoses can also be routed over the left and/or right shoulders (two hoses per side), making the harness even more customizable and streamlined. Conventional waist-mounted hoses can also be fitted to make the Dräger PSS™ 5000 one of the most versatile SCBA harnesses available.

Variety of accessories for scalable solutions

​Dräger has created a wide range of components that can be used in combination with the PSS 5000, including:

– Dräger electronic monitoring
– Quick-Connect (QC) cylinder connection
– ChargAir™ quick filling
– Secondary supply connections for rescue, decontamination, and/or airline use

For a full list and information please refer to the Dräger SCBA Family Catalog.

Advanced harness options to suit your workload

​The advanced Dräger PSS™ 5000 harness is designed to suit the needs of any firefighter:

– The Dräger PSS™ 5000 harness is made of a tough chloroprene rubber material, which is designed to withstand the high wear and tear that firefighters face daily, while still providing an enhanced level ofcomfort and functionality. Incorporating heavy-duty stainless steel buckles and long-life Aramid blend webbing, this harness is ideally suited for extended wear and frequent use.

Service-friendly for easy maintenance

​The Dräger PSS™ 5000 keeps downtime and costs to a minimum during service and upkeep.
– Innovative harness “slide and lock” mechanism makes assembly and disassembly fast and simple
– Harness detaches from the back plate without the use of tools
– First stage reducer snap fit connection allows pneumatics to be fitted or removed quickly and easily
– Hose clips push in and out to allow swift removal of hoses from the harness pads for cleaning; no need to remove the clip
– Closed, single-piece harness and waist pad design prevent excessive water absorption and reduces cleaning and drying time
– Integrated hoses in the backplate, integrated amplification, heads-up display (HUD) in the FPS 7000 facepiece, and a lifetime warranty on the first- and secondstage PSS 5000 reducers all lower the total cost of ownership for the customer over the life of the SCBA.

Electronic Monitoring for added safety

​The Dräger PSS™ 5000 is fully compatible with the Dräger Sentinel™ 7000 electronic signal and warning gauge. With the Dräger Sentinel™ 7000, real-time information such as time-towhistle and cylinder pressure appears on a lightweight, handheld electronic gauge display and/or a facemask-mounted HUD.

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