Firefighting on ships

Fire on board! This is an operation under special circumstances.   A fire on a ship is one of the most dangerous incidents which can happen on board. If the fire is detected in good time, the crew can prevent larger damages by taking immediate measures – such as fighting the fire by use of a fire hose under breathing protection. If the fire has already spread, professional aid is absolutely needed, which can be rendered via helicopter or by ship.   Firefighting with impediments
Fighting a fire at sea is significantly different to fighting a fire on land. First of all, the first action teams have to get to the source of the fire, which means, as a rule, from the top downwards to the interior of the ship – in the opposite direction of the natural spreading of heat and smoke. This is a serious obstacle which slows the fire-fighting operation down. What makes the fire-fighting operations even more difficult, are the narrow stairs, sticking places, unclear and labyrinth-like premises, numerous hatches and ladders as well as ship movements due to the sea and the thermal-conduction properties of the ship's steel. Dräger compressed air breathing apparatuses for crews, and specially equipped rescue teams can fully rely on rebreathers, which supply up to 4 hours of breathing air. After the end of the operation at sea, people and material have to be taken back to land. And it is always time to prepare for the next operation: Dräger offers complete service from the filling of breathing air cylinders to equipment maintenance and servicing. This service is also directly offered to shipping companies and ship owners in the Dräger Marine Service Centers worldwide. Moreover, the training in one of the Dräger exercise facilities represents the optimum preparation for sailors and firefighters alike. At sea, the same principle applies as on land: No operation is like the other.
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