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Dräger Swede Survival

Fire training during realistic live fire conditions is a necessity. Unfortunately, under uncontrolled conditions, they are a major cause of accidents resulting in great pain, suffering and expense. But with the Dräger Swede Survival conditions are controlled and safe meeting all criteria for NFPA1001, NFPA1403 and NFPA 1500 standards as well as all Swedish Rescue Training Center Standards.

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Learn fire behavior in a controlled safe setting

​Dräger Swede Survival training systems offer firefighters the opportunity to observe fire behavior and the signs that lead to phenomena like a flashover. The training is being conducted according to proven procedures in order to create a safe and controlled training setting. Repetition of the training increases and stabilizes the firefighters knowledge and skills to recognize and handle the specific fire scenarios.

Have the Experience of a Lifetime

​Provide your firefighters with the best live fire training program currently available to the International Fire Service. This is a real world simulation and an experience for life! Your life and the lives of others may depend on this type of realistic training.

Utilize our Training in the Real World

​Instructors providing the "train-the-trainer" program for the Dräger Swede Survival training systems are highly experienced in providing a hands-on training program.

Users of the Dräger Swede Survival training systems include: the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Air Force, State Fire Academies, Airports, Power Stations, Department of Forestry, Municipalities, Volunteer Fire Departments, and Community/Technical Colleges. The number of users of Dräger Swede Survival training systems grows constantly.

Control and Minimize the Risk

Firefighters face extremely dangerous life-threatening situations daily. This in mind realistic "live fire" training is a necessity. Dräger Swede Survival offers class A live fire training based on proven concepts derived from the co-operation with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. Dräger Swede Survival training systems provide excellent training setting meeting relevant criteria of NFPA 1001, NFPA 1403 and NFPA 1500.

Learn While Being Cost Effective

​The containerized Dräger Swede Survival training systems are extremely cost effective when compared to significantly higher cost of concrete burn buildings. Dräger Swede Survival training systems require minimal maintenance. Not only the Mobile Units built on a trailer chassis - available for the Phases 1 to 3 - but also the stationary systems can be relocated, if required.

Complementary to propane-fueled training systems

​Dräger Swede Survival training systems respond perfectly to the inevitable demand for firefighter training with carbonized fuels ("class A") like hay, pallets, wood in order to experience real phenomena like flashover and backdraft together with real smoke and residue.

In addition to these, Dräger's portfolio of live fire training systems complementary includes a comprehensive range of propane-fueled ("class B") live fire training systems. These propane-fueled systems respond to specific requirements like a focus on a high repetition rate, push button control (stop/restart) as well as environmental considerations. Class B training could even be done in preparation for class A training exercises.

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