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Infinity® M300

Monitor your adult and pediatric ambulatory patients with a compact wireless device that delivers the performance of a full-sized patient monitor.


Built-in color display

​An easy-to-see color display shows the patient’s ECG for all monitored leads, heart rate, SpO2, and electrode status -- as well as demographics to help confirm patient identification. As a result, you can see vital signs while at the patient's side as well as at the Infinity® CentralStation.

Rechargable battery

​The Infinity® M300 has a built-in battery that can be recharged via a bedside charger while the patient wears the device, or at a patented multi-device charger at the central monitoring station. Replacing disposable batteries is a thing of the past, which is good for both the environment and the hospital's bottom line.

​Two-way wireless connection to Infinity® CentralStation

Based on industry-standard wireless technology, Infinity® M300 provides itself continuous standalone monitoring – even if the patient inadvertently moves out of the hospital’s wireless network coverage area. Two-way communication between Infinity® M300 and the Infinity® CentralStation facilitates wireless data exchange and signal integrity within the hospital's wireless network coverage area.

Integrated alarming and alarm controls

Because of the Infinity® M300's built-in sound capabilities, you can hear alarms at the patient's side as well as at the Infinity® CentralStation. You can also control alarms right from the device. There's even a "find device" function to help locate lost devices.

Built-in algorithms

​Built-in ACE® (Arrhythmia Classification Expert) and pacer detection algorithms enhance ECG processing and reduce false alarms.

Product Information
Brochure: Infinity M300 (PDF)

Innovative ambulatory patient-worn monitoring

See what our customers say about the Infinity M300

​Methodist news release from July 2009.

Datasheet: Infinity M300 (PDF)

​Infinity M300 provides the performance of a full-size patient monitor, packaged in a patient-worn telemetry device for adult and pediatric patients.

Kaweah Delta Case Study

​Kaweah Delta Medical Center found a solution that helped them leverage their existing infrastructure, consolidate operations and find cost efficiencies.

See what our customers say about the Infinity M300

Methodist South Hospital Uses New Wireless Technology to Enhance Care for Cardiology Patients

Whitepaper (PDF)

Is Wi-Fi Safe and Reliable?

Infinity CentralStation

​Gathers and displays information from Infinity bedside and patient-worn monitors for central monitoring of up to 32 patients on the Infinity Network.

Infinity M300 Central Charger

Charges and stores up to 10 Infinity M300 devices at the central nursing station.

Infinity M300 Bedside Charger

Charges the monitor's built-in battery at the bedside while the patient wears the Infinity M300.

Infinity OneNet

​Part of Dräger's Infinity Network, Infinity OneNet is an architecture that enables hospitals to run life-critical patient data on the hospital's existing wireless infrastructure, rather than requiring a separate network.

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