Dräger SPC 2400 PVC / Flexothane Obleky proti kapalným chemikáliím

Dräger SPC 2400 PVC / Flexothane

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Dräger SPC 2400 PVC / Flexothane

The Dräger SPC 2400 is a reusable suit, which is reliable in protecting you from liquids and dust. The suit is available in a specially robust version made of PVC or as a light, water vapour permeable version made of flexothane.

Dräger SPC 2400 PVC

The one-piece PVC protective suit is equipped with a three-part hood, which offers a comfortable fit and great freedom of movement for the head. In addition, the hood can be safely and easily combined with various breathing masks.

The arm design with inserted sleeves is designed to fit close to the body and thus allows for optimal freedom of movement. The vertical double zipper has a cover for extended protection against harmful substances.

This overall is suitable for cleaning work, e.g. with high-pressure cleaners or for tank cleaning. The robust PVC material also provides protection when handling cleaning agents, low concentration acids and alkalis as well as inorganic salts.

The one-piece PVC overall is produced by Lakeland.

Dräger SPC 2400 Flexothane

​The one-piece overall is equipped with a hood and cord, sleeves with elastic ends and cuffs, as well as reflective strips on the upper arms. The ends of the legs can be adjusted using press buttons. The zipper runs vertically on the front of the overall, and is protected by a double flap. This overall offers protection against crude oil, machine oil, petroleum, lubricants, etc. The light, water-vapour-permeable material offers a high degree of comfort and maintains its flexibility, even at very low temperatures.

Versatile applications

The one-piece, reusable overalls with welded seems can be used with disposable dust mask, filter mask, full face respirator, powered air purifying respirator, compressed air breathing apparatus, or compressed airline system.


Both protective suits can be washed and thereby reused. The PVC suit can be washed at up to 30 °C and the SPC Flexothane can be washed at up to 40 °C in a washing machine with limited wash agitation.

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Brochure: Safety You Can Count On Dräger Chemical Protective Suits (PDF)
Brochure: Safety You Can Count On Dräger Chemical Protective Suits (PDF)

Whether taking pre entry measurements, transferring liquids, or responding to emergencies: Dräger offers a large range of chemical protective suits – tailor-made for a large variety of application areas.


SPC 2400 EU-Konformitätserklärung/ EU Declaration of Conformity
SPC 2400 EU-Konformitätserklärung/ EU Declaration of Conformity


Protective suits and substances

Dräger protective suits can be used to protect for a large number of hazardous substances. Check for which substances this suit can be used and get information about the permeation times by searching a substance.

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Product configurations

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Technické údaje

Key Facts

Product type
Ochranný oblek proti postříkání
Reuse Class
Opakovatelně použitelné
Třída typu obleku
3; 4
Performance Class
Konstrukce VDP
vnější nebo použití filtračního přístroje
Shelf Life (years)
Flexothane: 3 ; PVC: 10
Flexothane: 3 ; PVC: 10
Available Colors
Žlutá, modrá/červená


Mechanical Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Temperature Resistance

Resistance against

Known gases
Unknown gases
Mechanical stress
Deepcold substances
Flash fires


EN 943
EN 14605
EN ISO 13982-1
EN 13034
EN 1073-1 / EN 1073-2
EN 14126
EN 1149
✓ (pouze model z PVC)
EN 14593
EN 14594
ISO 16602

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