Image-Guided Lung Protection - Visualising the effects of mechanical ventilation with the Evita® V800 and the PulmoVista® 500

Image-Guided Lung Protection

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Advancing treatment with new visualizations

One of the major challenges of caring for ventilated patients in the intensive care unit is to find the appropriate individual ventilation settings for each patient. With our approach of image-guided lung protection, you can now see the previously unseen – and truly personalize ventilation to ensure lung protective ventilation. This can help avoid negative effects known as ventilator-associated lung injuries (VALI), which often contribute to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

What does "image-guided lung protection" mean?

Image-guided lung protection offers the opportunity for personalized ventilation. The combination of the Evita® Infinity® V500 ventilator with the lung function monitor PulmoVista® 500 allows you to visualize possible adverse effects of mechanical ventilation and to find a compromise between alveolar overdistension and collapse. Take a look at how this works.

Image-guided lung protection infographic

Image-guided lung protection at a glance

Get a better understanding of how image-guided lung protection works.

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The combination of Evita V800 and PulmoVista 500

Watch how the Evita V800 ventilator combined with the lung function monitor PulmoVista 500 enables you to visualize the adverse effects of mechanical ventilation.

PressureLink and QuickSet graphic

PressureLink and QuickSet

These functions of the Evita V500 enable recruitment maneuvers with a breath-by-breath increase of Pinsp and/or PEEP (QuickSet) PLUS and a simultaneous increase of Pinsp and PEEP (PressureLink).

PulmoVista 500 diagnostic view graphic

Diagnostic view

This view of PulmoVista 500 enables you to assess PEEP trials by pressing just one single button directly at the bedside – and you will see the potential overdistension, collapse and cyclic opening and closing.

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