Dräger AFU 180 Portable

For protection against nuclear, chemical or biological threats from warfare agents or viruses, this portable NBC protection system has been specifically developed for mobile applications...

Comprehensively tested

In the development of the AFU 100 Dräger placed great importance on a low power consumption. A power consumption of 260 W in NBC mode comes very close to the physical limits. This minimum consumption is of particular advantage in small vehicles.

Positive pressure

In an enclosed environmnet the NBC protection system generates a positive pressure. This prevents contaminated air from entering the interior through any leaks in the tent or containers in which it is used.

Additional capabilities

The Dräger NBC protection system can also be used as an evacuation system. It can, for example, be used for patient decontamination.

Latest air conditioning systems

An optional air conditioning systems guarantees constant tent temperatures in any environment.

Immediately ready for operation

The NBC protection system is ready for operation within a few minutes. It purifies the contaminated external air and and ensures the safety of the individuals within the tent. The AFU 180 has been approved for an air flow of 180 m³/h per filter box.

Safe delivery and storage

To ensure that the NBC protection system reaches the customer safely and can be stored adequately on his premises, Dräger supplies the whole system in an aluminum transport and storage box.

Modular tent system

A tent system can offer space for up to twelve individuals at a time. Due to its modular design it can be extended if required. The special gas-tight material provides safety for the occupants.


AFU 180 Portable Product Information, en
AFU 180 Portable Product Information, en


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