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Dräger Access and Control Package

Increase flexibility and convenience when operating the Infinity® M540 Patient Monitor. You will be able to improve your access to medical-grade data – safe, aggregated and flexible. Accompanied by selected remote functionalities you could enhance your daily workflows as well as your situational awareness while simultaneously increasing patient comfort and safety. The basis for this is the ISO/ IEEE 11073-SDC standard, which enables the interoperability of medical devices.

Reach the next level of patient surveillance

At Dräger, we are committed to Improving Acute Care and believe that connectivity is a key element to overcome today’s clinical challenges. We envision a future of Acute Care where medical devices are connected as a system. With our Access and Control Package, we are taking the next step to empower lifesaving medical products with system functionalities to improve data availability at the point of care and streamlining clinical workflows with safe remote-control capabilities of medical devices.

Increase data accessibility for individual decision support

Make informed decisions and interventions using aggregated patient data of vital signs, trends and events. Our real-time monitoring data visualisation with event history, access to 96 hours of tabular and graphical trends and other patient data addresses the need for simplified handling with the potential to improve clinical decisionmaking.

The Access and Control Package has an innovative user interface including the variance of different configurations answering your individual needs. Support of timely intervention during critical situations by finding alarms and events quick and easy with the integrated Event Bar.

In addition, it can deliver access to further clinical applications on the same screen to combine relevant information from multiple sources. Using an appropriate Medical Grade PC allows you to run applications such as Patient Data Management or your Hospital Information System in parallel.

Improve workflow and ergonomics

The comprehensive real-time data visualisation with its flexible display positions optimises your daily workflow on documentation and patient care. With the Access and Control Package you get not only access to the data but even control over the connected device.

The system is network based and does not require a direct wired connection between patient monitor and independent display. The hardware independent application Core gives your hospital the freedom of choice of hardware supplier and display sizes to suit your needs. This allows a flexible positioning of Core which can be placed wherever it is needed. Thanks to the interoperable access to the M540 patient monitor, Core can be mounted next to your patient, in the near vicinity or even outside the patient room, but still in actionable distance. From that location you are able to control the connected M540 patient monitor with regards to the change of alarm settings, to pause alarms, to start/stop NIBP measurements and to edit patient data.

Increase patient comfort

Our Access and Control Package helps you to reduce your patients' stress and noise exposure at the bedside.

With the ability to remotely access and control the Infinity M540 patient monitor from outside the patient room, it reduces the need to disturb the patient rest for routine tasks. Thus, using Core can lead to improved patient comfort thanks to fewer disturbances.

In combination with the Infinity CentralStation you may put the bedside monitor into privacy mode to create a more healing environment without alarm nuisance while still having access to device settings, alarms and patient status.

Protect patients and staff

Protect your patients and staff by supporting hospitals' infection prevention measures with the remote control capabilities of the larger monitoring display.

The need of direct personal contact will be reduced, and cross contaminations can be avoided when taking care of infectious patients like in isolation room scenarios or to protect immunocompromised patients. Minor tasks can be done from the outside and do not require staff to put on personal protection equipment.

The Access and Control Package supports patient surveillance thanks to the improved data availability and visibility. The retrospective view of vital signs, alarms and context in the waveforms and the improved visualisation of vital signs and alarms from a greater distance can increase situational awareness and improve patient safety.

Be future-ready with secured standardised communication

Create a safe and dynamic connectivity in your hospital where medical devices and information systems can run using the international ISO/IEEE 11073-SDC standard for open medical device connectivity and interoperability. This can reduce complexity and installation time of integrated technologies. This state-of-theart secure connection uses end-to-end authentication and authorization allowing SDC to better align with your Cybersecurity strategy of your hospital.


Access and Control Package - Fact Sheet - Denmark
Access and Control Package - Fact Sheet - Denmark


Access and Control Package (ACP) - Software License - Denmark
Access and Control Package (ACP) - Software License - Denmark


IFU Core SW1.n - 9510163 da
IFU Core SW1.n - 9510163 da

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IFU Discovery Prox Service - Administration Manual - 9510216 de-me
IFU M540 Converter Service SW1.n - 9510193 da
On-Premise Software License - Denmark

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