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Medical Compressed Air Systems

Uninterupted supply, reliability and Pharmacopoeia compliant quality is what counts.

Years of experience

Dräger has more than 50 years of experience in the development and construction of central compressed air systems, which guarantee a steady supply of medical quality compressed air for use in regular wards, intensive care or emergency wards and in the operating room

Continuous Functionality

The Dräger compressed air systems use 3 separate compressors, each with 2 redundant pressure tanks, filter systems, compressed air conditioners and pressure reducer stations. This makes maintenance and repairs possible without interruption of the air supply, offering additional operational security. Also, the system function is continuously monitored automatically, malfunctions are displayed immediately and can be transmitted to the hospital Building Management System (BMS).

Compact compressed air systems

Aside from compressed air systems built from separate components, Dräger also offers compact compressed air systems. All the necessary components are mounted on one pressure tank, complete with pipes and cables. The advantages here clearly include rapid installation and readiness as well as very little space requirement.

Proven quality

As each installed system consists of many separate components, only proven components of the highest quality are selected which conform to all relevant regulations and standards. The compressed air supply systems built by Dräger not only meet the ISO 73961 standard, but because of its particularly effective pressure conditioning unit with 5 filter phases and an adsorption dryer, the systems also comply with the standards set by the European Pharmacopeia. After the planning, projecting and installation, each system receives a CE certification from Dräger.

Control unit

The control unit maintains an even utilisation of the compressors and transmits alarm signals to the Building Management System. Other functions, such as the operation running time meter and start-up regulation are also controlled by this unit.


Product information: 3-fold compressor systems (PDF)
Product information: 3-fold compressor systems (PDF)


Product information: 4-fold Compressor System (PDF)
Product information: 4-fold Compressor System (PDF)


GMS System Brochure, en
GMS System Brochure, en

Because every breath is vital - Dräger Gas Management Systems for hospitals.


Brochure: Medical Air System (PDF)
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