Dräger ERS-Chamber

Dräger Engineered Refuge Solutions (ERS) provide a safe haven for miners in emergency situations. The engineered chamber solution is fully customized to the individual mine requirements. It can be adapted to the mine conditions, mine emergency plan, and official requirements. Highest flexibility with one goal: maximum safety.

Customized to meet your mine requirements

The requirements of a mine refuge chamber can be as diverse as those of the mine itself. A comprehensive risk assessment or the mine conditions may for example demand a specially designed refuge chamber or additional features. Dräger has decades of engineering experience of allowing chamber solutions to be tailored to the individual requirements of a mine and of providing a worldwide service network for immediate support. This helps to reduce the cost of ownership.

Refuge chambers incorporating local standards and regulations

The local regulations around the world are as individual as the mine requirements. Dräger’s engineered chamber solution offers the highest flexibility to meet the required standards and norms. Regardless of whether the requirements are imposed by official regulations, mine requirements, or environmental conditions, Dräger refuge chambers provide the highest levels of flexibility in their design. The concept considers all requirements, for example life support systems, electrical systems, and general conditions.

A safe haven without compromise

In emergency situations, miners taking refuge need a life support system they can rely on and which protects against danger. This might include protection against heat stress or rockfall, the uncompromised provision of safe and clean breathing air or gas detection system, and a reliable, independent electrical system. Dräger’s engineered chamber solutions offer the highest quality and safety standards for all of its various internal and external configurations to keep miners safe during emergencies.


Dräger ERS-Chamber Product Information, en-nordics
Dräger ERS-Chamber Product Information, en-nordics


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