Drägersorb Free

High safety and CO2 absorption capacity. Soda lime is essential for CO2 absorption in inhalation anesthesia machines with rebreathing systems. 

Drägersorb Free

​As the only manufacturer of anesthesia machines who also develops and produces its own soda lime, Dräger has created a product which optimizes both performance and safety.

  • No formation of Compound A or carbon monoxide
  • High CO2 absorption capacity – Eliminates decomposition products (eg formaldehyde)
  • Same high level of all product performance characteristics as Drägersorb 800+

High CO2 absorption capacity

​Thanks to its unique pellet form Drägersorb Free does not undergo channel formation. It absorbs CO2 evenly and is effectively utilized. In fact, due to the combination of its pellet form and porosity, Drägersorb Free has the highest CO2 absorption 1, 2, 3 of all safe absorbents.

No generation of Compound A

​There is a very basic drawback to using any conventional soda lime with sevo flurane: the combination produces Compound A, which has been found to have nephrotoxic effects in animals. In Drägersorb Free, Dräger has developed a product which generates no Compound A at all, regardless of the degree of humidity in the soda lime.

No generation of carbon monoxide (under any clinical conditions)

​If volatile anesthetics are used with any conventional dry soda lime, the combination leads to the formation of carbon monoxide. Since carbon monoxide is not measured by anesthesia machines and cannot be detected by users, this toxic byproduct poses a serious hazard to patients. Drägersorb Free eliminates this concern because it does not generate carbon monoxide1, 2 when used with volatile anesthetics under clinical conditions, regardless of the degree of humidity in the soda lime.

User-friendly packaging

​The Drägersorb CLIC disposable absorber is available for use with the Zeus, Primus and Fabius family of anesthesia workstations. This quick, clean, easy-to-use disposable solution offers distinct advantages:

  • Quick-change-out means: even greater time-convenience for anesthesia staff
  • Enhances safety by preventing direct contact with soda lime or dust
  • The CLIC absorber can be changed at any time, even during surgical procedures which means that the soda lime can be used completely before exchanging, and that reduces costs
  • A CO2 bypass is also available as an additional feature 
The disposable Drägersorb CLIC

360 Product View

Draegersorb Free 360


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Infinity® ID Accessories Brochure, en

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Case Study: Just 'CLIC' it!

See how the Drägersorb CLIC system can significantly reduce sodalime consumption.


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Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


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