Dräger EM200plus-f/-i

​​Whether it’s calculating the coefficient, optimising a system, or managing measurement and customer data: The Dräger EM200plus is your safe bet in flue gas testing – thanks to the proven Dräger precision. The Dräger EM200plus also provides solid fuel and gas velocities measurements (depending on version).

Service and maintenance work

​In addition to maintenance and service work on gas, oil and solid fuel furnaces, the Dräger EM200plus also performs TÜV-certified averaging measurement. The multifunction jack allows for flexible use.

Use to connect peripheral devices, e.g. the Dual Smart BC-Interface for reading digital burner controllers.

Shock and impact proof housing

​The device features a shock and impact resistant housing which is reliable, even in rough conditions.

Inspection of boilers and furnaces

​The Dräger EM200plus can optionally be equipped with heating check and the 4 Pa measurement tested for suitability.

Wide range of documentation options

​The professional equipment also includes easy handling for optimal measurement and customer data management with import and export functions. Measurements can be saved and transferred to a PC or documented on site via infrared printer. Data is linked with customer or system data and output to measurement protocols with company logo and address.

Colour touch screen with swipe function

​The Dräger EM200plus features a high-resolution colour touch screen. This enables particularly easy menu navigation and quick and efficient use. The swipe function allows you to slide back and forth between the individual screens, even whilst measuring. Tapping a measurement shows the measurement trend in a chart.

Optional Dräger EM200plus-f for measuring solid fuels

​Changes in the ember during solid fuel combustion cause fluctuations in the flue temperature and flue composition. These fluctuations must be compensated to ensure reproducible measurements. Average are therefore calculated over 15 minutes when measuring flue gas for solid fuels. In addition, the flue gas loss calculation is corrected for moisture.

Optional Dräger EM200plus-i for measuring gas velocities

​Since the gas velocity in the stack often varies throughout a cross section, measurements must often be taken at different points in the cross-section. The flow velocity can be determined from up to 60 individual measurements.

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