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Industrial fire training systems

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Industrial fire training systems

Are you responsible for safety and fire fighting in industrial plant, e.g. in the chemical or petrochemical industry? If so, we have the suitable training system for your risk potential.

Realistic fire simulation

By confronting the trainees with real flames and stress situations the Dräger training system simulates emergencies with realistic practical experience. An automatic extinguishing success control immediately shows the trainees whether they have fought the fire correctly on the basis of a control of the flame intensity.

Safe training conditions

​The highest level of safety of the individual fire locations and the training system as a whole are secured by the non-compromising implementation of safety requirements and innovative Dräger monitoring and control systems. Every system is tested by the TÜV before being handed over to the customer.

Customer-specific solutions

​Dräger creates your individual training system in line with your requirements, including cracked tank fire training systems, burning valves and spilling liquids, via pipeline systems with leaks and leaking flanges, and complete industry rigs with different fire locations and fires over several stories.

Environmentally friendly

​The Dräger fire simulation systems are operated with clean burning propane gas.


​Not all products, features, or services are for sale in all countries.

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