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Draeger Movita Cable Management System

The integrated Movita® Cable Management System will help you organize your workspace and improve your workflow. Developed for use in both OR and ICU environments, the Movita® Cable Management System was designed to meet the needs of surgeons, anaesthesists, nurses and cleaning staff alike.

Better workflow

By streamlining your work processes, such as cleaning and maintenance, this system will save valuable time and will help you reducing the risk of cable contamination and connection errors.

Cable management for improved organisation of workplaces

Ceiling supply units are designed to improve operating room and ICU logistics. Soon after their introduction, the ceiling supply design became the standard worldwide. The Movita Cable Management System now takes this idea a step further by adding integrated cable channels over the entire length of the Movita column. The system stores seldom used cables and hoses in a closed channel, well protected from dust and other potential sources of contamination.

Streamline your workspace

  • Reduce cleaning and disinfection times by storing cables and hoses inside closed cable channels
  • Improve workspace organisation by keeping seldom used cables out of the working area
  • Reduce the risk of disconnection errors
  • Simplify recognition by separating seldom used cables from frequently changed hoses and cables.
  • Optimize workflow because of well prepared workplaces
  • Reduce the risk of contamination

For maximum cable management capacity, dual cable channels can be installed.


Dräger can upgrade your existing Movita column with the Movita Cable Management System on site with a minimum of downtime. Each Movita column can be equipped with two Movita Cable Management systems of the same length.

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