Dräger MultiTest med. Int.

Designed to meet the requirements of medical supply systems, the Dräger MultiTest med. Int. checks the purity of medical gases. A single test system is all that is needed to detect contaminants in compressed air, like nitrous fumes, carbon dioxide, carbone monoxide, hydrogen sulfide oil and water vapor.

Dräger MultiTest med. Int.

Thanks to its versatility and ability to handle all medical gases, this compact and transportable test set represents a cost-effective and economical solution.

Certified detection

The use of the Dräger MultiTest med. Int. enables the reliable verification of medical gases, according to the quality criteria of different standards, such as United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and European Pharmacopeia.

The Dräger MultiTest med. Int. is a member of the innovative Aerotest family of products which is based on the wellknown Dräger-Tube detection system, an efficient method of detecting and measuring toxic gases. The test system determines the concentrations of water vapor, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous gases, oil and Sulphur dioxide in the compressed air flow. The concentrations can be determined either individually or simultaneously.

Quick and easy application

The measuring device, which functions independently of a power source, is connected by means of a plug-in connector to the filling system or device cylinder to be checked. Adapters supplied with the MultiTest ensure that the system can be used internationally. After a few minutes, the Quick-Check indicates measurement results and provides information about the degree of contamination.

The Dräger Oil Impactor

The Dräger Oil Impactor is specially designed to test compressed air for oil aerosols. For the first time, not only conventional oils but also synthetic oils – regardless of type and viscosity – can be measured easily and precisely.

Always ready for use

The complete test set comes in a handy transport case.


Multitest Med. Int. Product Information, en
Multitest Med. Int. Product Information, en


Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en
Portable Gas Detection - Family Brochure, en


IFU Dräger Aerotest HP 9021765 ME
IFU Dräger Aerotest HP 9021765 ME

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