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Identify - quantify - protect: This is the underlying principle for every effective design of a comprehensive NBC protection for all troops. Modern measurement and detection systems from Dräger Safety provide quick and reliable warnings of most dangers. NBC protection equipment and protection installations allow for a mission to be continued even where there is an NBC threat. For 50 years Dräger has developed, produced and supplied NBC protection systems together with the corresponding particle and gas filters.

Product benefits

Dräger has developed various NBC protection systems, some of them tailored for specific projects. Most models are intended for permanently installed applications such as use within vehicles or containers (e.g. AFU 60, AFU 100, SBL 100M), but there are also portable models for use in tents (e.g. AFU 180). Dräger protection systems (air filtration units, AFU) protect against raioactive dust and biological and chemical warfare agents. In addition, the Dräger filters protect against a wide range of toxic industrial chemicals (TIC). Dräger can provide complete protection for a vehicle or container against NBC risks. In addition to the NBC protection system ~ pressure relief valves, manual or electronic pressure monitor stations, control units and various filters are also included. Typically the systems are modified and adapted specifically for an application.


NBC protection unit type SBL 100 M Product Information, en
NBC protection unit type SBL 100 M Product Information, en

and Dräger NBC combination filter


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