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Dräger Oxy SR Series

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Dräger Oxy SR Series

The Dräger Oxygen Self Rescuers are easy and fast to handle, even under extreme conditions. The devices are service-free for up to 10 years while being worn. The unique safety eye provides you the ability to check the device without additional tools.

The Oxy series provides breathing protection according to the highest standards since decades - made in Germany.

High level of safety and comfort

The quick, uncomplicated visual inspection of the exterior shell, the Safety Eye and the optional temperature indicator provide certainty about the functionality of the device to the user.

The self-rescuers are equipped with a comfort bite mouthpiece offering high wearing comfort. The devices offer low breathing resistance values. Furthermore, the self-rescuers are anti-static.

For your safety training, we offer a training device to get used to the donning procedure. Optionally, it can simulate the increased temperature of the inhaled air as well as the breathing resistance.

30 and 60 minutes

The availability of a 30 minute and a 60 minute device provides more options for your emergency planning concept. The donning of both devices is similar which allows you to be familiar with the function and use of these devices allowing for a combination of units.

Less maintenance, lower costs

Two lifetime options are available: 5 or 10 years. So thanks to their robust construction, the devices can be used maintenance-free for up to 10 years - no costs of ownership as no additional tools or testing is required.

Our services for you

We dispose for you damaged, opened, used and expired oxygen self-rescuers.


Oxy SR Product Information, fr
Oxy SR Product Information, fr

Les appareils à oxygène Dräger sont faciles et rapides à manipuler, même en cas de situation extrême. Ils peuvent être portés jusqu’à 10 ans sans qu’aucun entretien ne soit nécessaire. Unique en son genre, leur témoin d’état vous permet de vérifier le bon état de l’appareil et ce, sans aucun outil. La gamme Oxy est fabriquée en Allemagne et garantit depuis plusieurs décennies la protection respiratoire la plus sûre.


Certificate DOC UKCA Oxy SR 30 / 60 - MKIII 3/6000
Certificate DOC UKCA Oxy SR 30 / 60 - MKIII 3/6000


IFU Oxy SR Series - 9300341 da
IFU Oxy SR Series - 9300341 da

Denne brugsanvisning er kun til oplysning. Brugsanvisningen, der følger med produktet, skal altid læses og følges.


IFU Oxy SR Trainer - 9300675 da
IFU SP Oxy SR Bag 9300981 de-me
Oxy SR Series Donning Poster, en

Technical Data

Key Facts

Product type
Oxygen self-rescuer
Protection against
Suddenly occurring toxic gases and/or lack of oxygen
Escape time
30 or 60 minutes
Service life
5 or 10 years (depending on the version)
Weight (during use)
7,72 lb
Temperature class according


Device configuration
Mouthpiece version with nose clip and protective googles
Included eye protection
Abrasion protection
Training unit available

Carrying options

Wall holder
Hip belt
Shoulder strap
Hand strap


DIN EN 13794
DIN 58639
AS/NZS 1716:2003 (MDG 3609:2010)
SANS 10338:2009
India Standard (IS 15803:2008)
Brasil CA No. 39.858

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