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Dräger Perseus® A500

Outstanding ventilator technology meets the latest approaches to ergonomics and system integration in one innovative anaesthesia machine, developed together with experts from all over the world to streamline your anaesthesia workflow.

Advanced, economical ventilation technology

The Perseus A500 lets you achieve high-quality ventilation for individualised ventilation strategies, always facilitating and supporting the patient's spontaneous breathing. Lung recruitment functions provide manoeuvres to automate various operating sequences. You can adjust and individually control these at any time. Because of the optimised breathing system, changes in the gas concentration reach the patient more readily, especially during low- and minimal-flow anaesthesia.

Flexible workflow support

The workflow-support features of the Perseus A500 are designed to streamline and simplify routine tasks. The time-controlled, fully automatic self-test also includes innovative technologies like an O2 real-gas test and automatic recognition of any incorrect connected breathing hoses. Other advantages include seamless monitoring transfer from bedside to the OR with a single monitor. The clinical situation oriented emergency start-up ventilation functions , incl. APRV, work even when the machine is switched off. The data analysis function enables an straightforward export of data by using a USB stick. In addition, the Perseus A500 uses RFID technology and can inform you when the individual Infinity ID accessories need to be replaced. Because of the many mounting possibilities for the holder arm and monitors, the Perseus A500 can be configured to meet individual needs. The variety of many remote service options, facilitates you to implement individualised remote maintenance concepts.

Prediction of inspiratory and expiratory concentrations of volatile anaesthetics

The Perseus A500 is compatible with Vapor 2000 and Vapor 3000 with auto-exclusion connection system. Combined with the VaporView option (and Vapor 3000/D-Vapor 3000), Perseus A500 provides you sophisticated oxygen and anaesthetic agent level and xMAC prediction technology. This allows you to administer low- and minimal-flow anaesthesia more intuitively.

Enhanced workplace ergonomics

The Perseus A500 contains many features that significantly improve workplace ergonomics. It has a spacious, well-lit work surface with plenty of storage space for consumable material. In addition, the optimally positioned central brake, suction unit and anaesthetic gas scavenging system allow you to use the Perseus A500 easily and intuitively. The integrated breathing system can be opened without tools and prepared for reprocessing.

Supportive design

Despite the Perseus A500's completely new design, the user interface utilizes the familiar Dräger operating system featuring the same rotary knob you know from other Dräger venitlators and anaesthesia devices. Therefore using the Perseus A500 is as straightforward as with any other Dräger medical device. The sleek, modern design makes the machine into an extremely flexible workspace that helps you simplify your workflow while maintaining the highest quality of therapy.

Outstanding design

The Perseus A500 has been awarded two major design prizes: the 'iF Product Design Award 2013' in the category of medicine / health + care, and the "Red Dot Design Award 2013: Best of the Best" in the category of life sciences and medicine. Both awards count among the most important international design competitions and not only rate design quality, but also aspects such as safety, ergonomics, functionality, degree of innovation and, not least, environmental compatibility.


Product information: Dräger Perseus ® A500 Ceiling-mounted version (PDF)
Product information: Dräger Perseus ® A500 Ceiling-mounted version (PDF)


Product Information: Dräger Perseus® A500 (PDF)
Product Information: Dräger Perseus® A500 (PDF)


Accessory Catalogue 2024, en
Accessory Catalogue 2024, en


Low Flow Anaesthesia Booklet, en
Brochure: Perseus A500
IFU Connectivity Converter CC300 - Protocol converter SW 1.n 9055934 da
IFU Perseus A500 - Service cart - 9054093 de-me
IFU Perseus A500 SW > 2.03 9055505 da
IFU SP Integrated system 9510250 da
IFU SP Perseus A500 - Reprocessing instructions 9510567 da
IFU SP Perseus A500 - SW2.0n - 9511348 da
Perseus A500 (SW Version 1.n) Online Product Trainer
Perseus A500 (SW Version 2.n) Online Product Trainer
Smarter Anaesthesia Dosing Infographic, en

Technical Data

Lung Protective Ventilation

Operational Application
Highly-integratetd anesthesia plattform
Patient categories
Adults, pediatrics, neonates
Fresh gas decoupling
Ventilator technology
Blower-Technology, Electronically-controlled TurboVent2
APL-Technology / Precise manual ventilaton
Dräger APL-Valve
Breathing gas warmer
Low- and minimal flow setting support
Visual filling level of bag; Econometer; Low flow wizard; Vapor View; FiO2 prediction

Ventilation Modes

CPAP in Man/Spon
Volume Controlled (VC)
VC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Controlled (PC)
PC Synchronized + PS
Pressure Support
Volume Controlled AutoFlow


Screen Display
15.3" touch-screen with storable view and profiles
Vaporizers capability
up to 3
Device self test
Timer-based fully automatic self test
LOOPS (p/V-loop and flow/V-loop)
Smart Pilot View
Patient gas module
in/ex O2, N2O, CO2, Agent

Technical Data

Device versions
Trolley version, ceiling version
Breathing system
integrated anesthetic gas monitoring
Fresh-gas mixer
electronic mixer or mech. mixer with digital read-out (by setting values)
O2, Air, optional N2O
RFID Technology
Serial interfaces
1x Ethernet, 1x USB, 2x RS232

Safety Concept

Emergency ventilation in case of total gas supply failure
Typical battery run-time in case of power supply failure
150 min
Emergency start-up procedure

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