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The Dräger Testor 2100 and 3100 are all-rounders for static tests. Thanks to their compact size, both models can be integrated into any respiratory protection workshop. The easy handling allows for a reliable test of your equipment.

Test options

With both Dräger Testor models, you can perform low or medium pressure tests (with Testor 3100 even high pressure tests). They are especially suitable for testing:p/>

  • Full face masks
  • Compressed-air breathing apparatus
  • Lung demand valves
  • Pressure reducers
  • Chemical protection suits

Computer-controlled test

With the Dräger Testor 3100, you can also control the tests via a PC, using the USB port located on the rear side of the device. The supplied software displays measurement values graphically and supports you with information on each test step. Test results are evaluated automatically. Upon request, all tests and tests results are saved and printed.
The Dräger Testor 3100 is equipped with a high-pressure sensor for high-pressure tests.


The Dräger Academy offers an extensive training programme for professional application and correct operation of the test devices.

Easy operation

The clearly arranged control panel with two gauges, a stop watch and joystick control facilitates the test performance. You can intuitively inflate and deflate the test head, switch the measuring points and generate negative and positive pressure. Dräger Testor 2100 and Testor 3100 easily integrate into any workshop. The compressed air supply is located on the right-hand side; the medium pressure outlet on the left. Lung demand valves or chemical protection suits are connected via a standard thread connection. The test head is inflatable and removable to allow for mask testing in a water bath.


The Dräger Testor 2100 and Dräger Testor 3100 are suitable for leak tests according to guideline vfdb 0804.

Draeger Testor 2500-3500

Dräger Testor 2500/3500Replacement Product

​​The Dräger Testor 2500/3500 is a compact all-rounder for the static tests of your breathing protection equipment. Testing is reliable, easy, and convenient. The compact design enables both models to be integrated smoothly into any breathing protection workshop.

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