Dräger VS-2.1

The Dräger VS-2.1 filter protection system for vehicles offers protection against tear gases (CN/CS) as well as solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants in the breathing air. A 3-stage filter system filters the outside air and guides it into the sealed vehicle cabin. Additionally, the system creates a protective positive pressure inside the vehicle.

Dräger VS-2.1

The Dräger VS-2.1 filter protection system is designed for use in safety vehicles of all kinds. Thanks to three filter stages, the filter protection system reduces harmful substances in the intake air by at least 99%. In addition, it supplies the purified air to the shelter, creating an overpressure depending on the characteristics and design of the shelter. The original level of movement of persons without breathing protection in the vehicle remains fully intact.

3-stage filter system

The filter protection system VS-2.1 consists of three modules which are assembled to form a unit.

Filter stage C is used to separate coarse dust and liquid droplets bound to dust.

Filter stage S serves to separate finest suspended particles and aerosols.

Filter stage A/ ABEK-Hg is used to separate gases and vapours.

Simple control

To achieve different volume flows, you can operate the system with 24 V or 48 V. In addition, you can regulate the system individually with an applied control voltage to optimally adjust the system to your requirements.


​Due to the compact design and the arbitrary installation position, the accommodation in most vehicles is possible. The arrangement can be used in cars, trucks and special vehicles inside or outside the vehicle.

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