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Targeted, safe anaesthesia requires efficient anaesthetic gas monitors. This is exactly what Vamos® and Vamos® plus compact anaesthetic gas monitors provide by reliably displaying carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and volatile anaesthetic gas concentrations.

Efficient anaesthetic gas monitors

Vamos® / Vamos® plus are efficient anaesthetic gas monitors for use with adult, paediatric and neonatal patients. For Patient monitoring, concentrations of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and volatile anaesthetic gases in the respiratory gas mixture are measured and displayed.

The carbon dioxide concentration is displayed as a real-time curve. Additionally, inspiratory and expiratory concentrations are displayed for all measured gas concentrations. The respiratory rate is determined from the carbon dioxide concentration curve and then displayed.

Vamos plus with automatic detection of volatile anaesthetic agents

​In order to make your work easier and provide greater safety for patients, Vamos plus automatically detects volatile anaesthetic agents, so long as a maximum of two agents are used simultaneously. As well as displaying the type and concentration of the primary volatile anaesthetic agent, the monitor also displays the type and concentration of any potential second volatile anaesthetic agent separately.

Whereas the Vamos plus version of the monitor detects anaesthetic agents automatically, Vamos allows manual input of the anaesthetic agent being used.

Protect your patients

​Vamos and Vamos plus use the advanced Waterlock® 2 water trap. Its hydrophobic membranes allow gaseous components of the sample gas to pass through, while reliably protecting the sensors of Vamos and Vamos plus from condensed water, pathogens and other contaminants.

So long as the anaesthesia machines have a corresponding functionality, the sampling gas can be recycled back into the breathing system. This means that low flow anaesthesia can be used. The moisture in the breathing gas, essential for gentle ventilation of your patients, is recycled, thereby reducing the consumption of anaesthetic agents.

Waterlock 2 is optimised in combination with the Dräger sample gas lines and corresponding ventilation accessories to ensure accurate gas measurement and good curve display.

Intuitive operation and clear display

​Vamos and Vamos plus are intuitive to use via a control knob and a few keys. The control knob is used to navigate the simple menus and to set and confirm alarm thresholds. Separate keys are available for activating the standby function and for temporarily suppressing acoustic alarms.

Alarms and status messages are displayed optically and acoustically according to their priority. The CO2 curve, measured parameters and alarm and status messages are shown on a high-quality display in a clear layout.

Integration into workstations

​Vamos and Vamos plus are handy, lightweight anaesthetic gas monitors, which can be safely and ergonomically integrated into clinical workstations. Even with the battery installed, Vamos and Vamos plus only weigh 2.1 kg. The anaesthetic gas monitors can be placed separately on flat surfaces such as e.g.shelves or integrated into workstations by means of mountings.

The optional mounting plate fits into standard holding arms or retaining stands. Dräger offers a comprehensive selection of suitable holding arms, rail mountings and a choice of swivelling or tilting retaining stands.

Integral battery

​Vamos and Vamos plus can optionally be fitted with an integral Li-ion battery. This allows Vamos and Vamos plus to continue operating for at least one hour in the event of a mains power outage. Battery charging is fully automatic.

Allocation of parameters

​Parameters and curves are available via a serial interface for display and automated documentation. These data can be accessed via the Dräger MEDIBUS protocol, for example to create electronic anaesthesia protocols.

Low-maintenance and durable

​Vamos and Vamos plus anaesthetic gas monitors have been developed to require minimal maintenance and have a long service life. The Dräger infrared spectroscopic sensor technology used in these monitors is wear-free, since it involves no moving parts such as e.g. filter wheels. In addition, the water trap technology reliably protects the anaesthetic gas monitor from solid or liquid contaminants. Since Waterlock 2 is simple to empty, it can be used for up to four weeks before it needs changing.

Vamos and Vamos plus are calibrated at the time of dispatch and do not require readjustment by users or service personnel.


Vamos and Vamos plus Product Information, en
Vamos and Vamos plus Product Information, en

Targeted, safe anaesthesia requires efficient anaesthetic gas monitors.


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