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Dräger simultaneous test sets

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Dräger simultaneous test sets

Risks and potential dangers at a glance: The SimultanTest Sets allow the measurement of five different gases at the same time.

​Dräger Simultaneous Test Set

  • Parallel measurement of five gases
  • Air is simultaneously drawn with Dräger-Tube pump
  • For different combinations of organic and inorganic gases
  • Several different simultaneous test sets available

Simultaneous measurement

In the SimultanTest Set, five Dräger-Tubes are arranged next to each other in a stable rubber sleeve. The air to be monitored is simultaneously drawn in through the tubes by a Dräger-Tube pump. Quick determinations are made about the presence of dangerous substances at TLV levels.

System solution

As the SimultanTest Set is a system solution for which special Dräger-Tubes have been developed, the replacement with other Dräger-Tubes is not possible.

Fast results

The device delivers fast and reliable results for different combinations of organic and inorganic gases.


Civil Defense Set Product Information, en
Civil Defense Set Product Information, en


Simultaneous test sets Product Information, en
Simultaneous test sets Product Information, en


Handbook for Dräger-Tubes® and MicroTubes
Handbook for Dräger-Tubes® and MicroTubes

General information regarding gas measurement, information about our Dräger-Tubes and their applications as well as about our analysis system X-act 7000 with MicroTubes, and CMS.


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Product Information: Dräger simultaneous test sets (PDF)
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Dräger Tubes, various - Dangerous Goods_PGII_ Product Safety Information, en
Dräger-Tubes (various, non dangerous goods), Product Safety Information Sheet, en

Tubes and hazardous substances

Dräger-Tubes can be used to measure a large number of different substances. Check the different tubes and measuring ranges by searching for a substance and get in contact with our experts for more information.

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