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I am Ankur.

I am from India and have been living in Germany since October 2019. 

Currently, I am in the last semester of my Master Studies in General Management at PFH Göttingen and have joined Dräger as an Intern at the HR Marketing department.

I am also an Aerospace Engineer and have worked for five years in Academia, before I decided to move to Germany and complement my skills with a formal education in Management as well as widen my horizons. 

In the month of March, the International Women’s Day was celebrated with the theme, “Choose to Challenge”. The focus of course, was to highlight the significance of challenging prejudices and gender-based biases to create and facilitate an all-inclusive and ‘equal’ world.

Workplace is one of the most important area, where women have always strived to be treated equally. It is often seen that they are either not equally paid or are not appointed at leadership positions, where they otherwise fit perfectly. This outlook has improved over the years, but we are not yet there. It emphasises on a need to create tools that enables these gaps to be filled; and where women are valued for their competence.

As per the Sustainability Report 2020, Drager is proud to share that ‘Equal Opportunities for Women’ are nurtured, celebrated and promoted at our company. Be it the leadership roles, or wages and remunerations; our women are an important pillar of the foundation to company’s success. Being represented in over 190 nations, ‘Diversity’ is of prime importance at Dräger. Abiding with national as well as international laws, we pursue discrimination-free hiring practices and promote a corporate culture where all employees can freely contribute their potential.


While the major workforce of managers at Dräger is of males, we believe that more women at Dräger would be well-suited for management and leadership roles. To enable this, we eagerly prospect and cultivate this capability for the advantage of the entire corporation, so that the percentage of female managers grows in the long-term. Initiatives to achieve this have emphasised on filling administrative positions and endorsing talent in order to discover, realize and enhance the capacity of women for managerial responsibilities.

»I am convinced that we have many women at Dräger who are well-suited for an executive position here. I would like to foster this potential. « Dr. Reiner Piske, Executive Board member for Sales and Human Resources

(Source: Sustainability Report 2020)

Our Intranet supports in highlighting multiple networking opportunities, services, advisory sessions and events for women. We are a member of professionally and scholastically designed local initiative at Lübeck University of Applied Sciences named ‘Genderdax’, to encourage gender equality. Our preliminary project, called as ‘top-sharing’ model, facilitates the part time sharing of one leadership position by two female managers, providing them greater work-life compatibility and flexibility.


Moreover, everyone at Dräger, regardless of gender are paid equally as per their grouping-criteria, in all branches or locations. These efforts have been recognized, as Dräger is awarded with the ‘TOTAL E-QUALITY’ rating in the last reporting-period.

Dräger mit dem TOTAL E-QUALITY Prädikat für Chancengleichheit ausgezeichnet

I am looking forward to learning more and support the company further within the scope of my internship and experience the thriving corporate culture at Dräger.


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