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Dräger Atlan - Simply Ingenious Starts Here - Dräger Atlan - Simply Ingenious Starts Here

Dräger Atlan - Simply Ingenious Starts Here

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Simply ingenious starts here

Simply ingenious is the balancing act of making complexity manageable with an approach of simplicity. It is providing safety and flexibility in an extremely complex working environment that enables the anesthesia care team to master quickly escalating situations with confidence. This way, simply ingenious for us means ensuring maximum patient safety and operational ease by providing anesthesiologists and staff with what they need, when they need it.

When flexibility is vital: Dräger Atlan

When flexibility is vital: Dräger Atlan

At heart, the Dräger Atlan A350 and A350 XL are focused on simplifying work procedures for both clinical staff and biomedical engineers – enabling them to address every challenge with ease. The Atlan system is innovative and flexible, offering maximum efficiency in performance and costs.

  • Tailored workstations with highly flexible setup options incorporate patient monitoring, IT and 3rd party components – e.g. infusion pumps.
  • Workstations are compatible for all surgical procedures and spatial conditions. They are also available in wall- and ceiling-mounted variants.
  • Standardized installations ease fleet management and reduce training effort for clinical staff. Know one, know them all.

Product details

Our guiding principles

Perioperative patient safety

Even though anesthetic mortality has undoubtedly declined over the past decades, morbidity related to anesthesia and the entire perioperative period remains significant. Anesthetists are in a key position to take the lead in this respect. PD Dr.Sven Staender, head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine, Hospital Männedorf, Switzerland and Dr. Friedrich, head of the simulation centre at Hannover University Hospital, shares their views on important ways in which anesthesiologists can improve surgical safety for patients and how simulation can help.

 Dr. Staender, Hospital Männedorf, Switzerland

Interview with PD Dr. Staender, Hospital Männedorf, Switzerland

Dr. Freidrich

Interview with Dr. Freidrich, University Hospital of Hannover, Germany

Lung protective ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is a potentially harmful intervention. Watch Dr. Ary Serpa Neto explain why he became interested in lung protective ventilation. From the first “mind-blowing” studies he read, to strategies for improving patient outcomes in the ICU and OR. He shares how easy it is to implement such strategies in clinical practice.  

Dr. Ary Serpa Neto

Why Lung Protective Ventilation Matters for Every Patient

Preventing Medical Errors in Operating Room

Preventing Medical Errors in Anesthesia

Cybersecurity measures

As technology makes patient care more effective and efficient at the same time, we need to make sure our devices stand the test of time. And this also includes addressing security vulnerabilities. We take cybersecurity very seriously and consider cybersecurity from the beginning of the development process. Our product security specialist talks about managing cybersecurity.

Product security specialist talks about managing cybersecurity

Courage to Fill The Gap

IT security expert, Florian Grunow, discusses the threat of cybersecurity in relation to hospitals

Do You Think Hospitals Don’t Get Hacked?

Building hygiene into design

Anyone can be the instigator of change, says Prof. Didier Pittet, external lead of the WHO campaign "Clean Care is Safer Care" and infectious disease specialist at the Geneva University Hospital. In this interview, Prof. Pittet provides insights into the relevance of infection prevention for hospitals and the challenges that are encountered when trying to implement respective measures and strategies.

Prof. Didier Pittet talks about infection prevention in hospitals

Infection Prevention is A Global Thing

Rethinking hygiene design

Rethinking Hygiene Design

Our quality is the result of extreme testing

Our quality is the result of extreme testing

How do you truly build quality? We believe it starts with understanding technology at its fundamental core. Designing rugged quality into a product is one thing – but you also need to make sure that the result stands up to the toughest reality. Our anesthesia devices are subjected to countless stress tests and countless hours of operation, pushing the benchmark for quality and durability further and further.

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What makes Atlan safe?

Atlan is designed with safety in mind. The goal is to be a system that makes daily routines easy and helps prevent unpredictable situations that can be very stressful. Below you will find an overview of what makes Atlan a reliable anesthesia workstation.

Safe and secure operation

Sufficient preparation

Safety to support you

Even in tightly controlled situations, control can quickly be lost. Technology must always help users maintain control.

The new automated self-test frees you from the time-consuming and cumbersome self-testing process. Using Atlan saves time and helps you avoid serious incidents.

Whatever the abnormality, we support the anaesthesiologist to protect the patient with smart alternative safety measures.

The intuitive and standardized user interface allows you to get used to it quickly and safely in stressful situations.

Pre-test checklist with easy-to-understand illustrations.

Emergency manual mode is a smart feature for anaesthesiologists. You can switch to manual ventilation at any time by flipping the switch.

Decision support tools help you make clinical, informative diagnoses, even in complex situations.

The self-test procedure complies with the guidelines of various anaesthesiology societies (eg ASA, DGAI).

Control ventilation even if there is a problem with the flow sensor or gas supply.

Proper control of the serpentine connection (hose mismatch control) reduces the life-threatening risk of erroneous inspiratory and expiratory connections.

Ready to use as soon as completed. Very easy. The automated self-test contains all the relevant components.

In the event of a power outage, smart energy management ensures maximum battery life.


Human error in anesthesia whitepaper
Whitepaper: human error in anesthesia

Get an extensive overview of the topic plus insights for deeper discussion on why we should take a closer look at human error. Learn how we can begin to improve the situation.

Download whitepaper

Human error in anesthesia infographic
Infographic: human error in anesthesia

Human error in anesthesia can lead to critical perioperative incidents. Take a look at some interesting figures related to the topic.

Download infographic

History of Dräger Anesthesia

Discover more about the history of Dräger Anesthesia leading to the launch of Atlan.

Dräger Atlan - Simply Ingenious Starts Here - History of Dräger Anaesthesia

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