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Digital solutions for your hospital - Digital solutions for your hospital

Digital solutions for your hospital

Drive digitalization in your hospital

As your specialist in acute care, we not only offer reliable medical technology and comprehensive service, but also innovative IT products. Digitize your processes with us for more efficiency, patient safety and employee satisfaction. Our products and solutions for digitization in healthcare can be found on this page.

Our medical system solutions for your interoperability

Medical device interoperability is important for preventing medical errors and reducing inefficiencies in your clinical workflows. With new applications such as therapy support, automation and remote control, our medical system solutions bring you one step closer to the future of acute care.
Our vision of this future, where devices are connected and interact as real-time medical systems to enable new clinical applications in a safe environment, is quickly becoming a reality.
By seamlessly integrating relevant data into hospital information systems, our data management approach streamlines administrative and documentation processes and is based on open industry standards that provide you with future-proof concepts.


Dräger Connect

Analysis tools harness the power of data in clinical applications to improve efficiency and quality of care in hospitals.

Alarm History Analytics erfasst Alarme für das digitale Krankenhaus

Alarm History Analytics

Use analytics to reduce the number of stress-causing alarms at the point-of-care.

ein digitales Krankenhaus kommt nicht ohne Dashboards aus

Gas Consumption Analytics

Gas Consumption Analysis: Insights into Anesthesia Drug Consumption.


OR Companion

Check the operational readiness of your anesthesia machines daily for safe operation.


Device Utilization Analytics

Manage the use of your medical technology.

Related Topics and Services

Draeger Connected Device Interoperability

Interoperability of medical devices as a productivity factor in quality-oriented acute care

Interoperable medical devices can process data in such a way that they can actively improve the treatment of patients. The focus is always on expanding human capabilities in patient care, not replacing them.


The new international standard: ISO IEEE 11073 SDC

SDC is a service-oriented communication architecture that enables both the collaboration of different medical devices at the point of care and the exchange of data between point-of-care devices and HL7-compatible clinical and hospital information systems. Thus, the connected hospital technology can exchange its data and information bidirectionally, securely and dynamically.


IT Security in Hospitals

In order to ensure IT security in hospitals, a rethink is necessary on many levels. Effective protection against cybercriminals can only be achieved if everyone works together: system managers, software manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, users and data protection officers. It's time to rethink IT security in hospitals.


Alarm management & alarm forwarding in the hospital

In acute medical areas with many patients, there is often a high level of noise pollution due to acoustic alarms. Signals drowning each other out compete for the attention of the nursing staff. We are here to explore ways to increase efficiency or improve patient safety and medical staff satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of treatment and care.

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