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Dräger Connect: your online platform


Dräger Connect: Your central analytics platform

With Dräger Connect, you can securely access all our solutions for analyzing medical device data anytime, anywhere. Data from connected Dräger devices is transformed into actionable insights in easy-to-use dashboards to address important issues: Together with you, we tackle Dräger Connect alarm fatigue, green hospital, OR efficiency, medical gas supply and comprehensive fleet management.


One platform, many access options

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Call 1-416-800-2167 for 24/7 support in English and 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. (ET) support in French.

*Please note that this is only for platform IT support, not technical support if you have questions about your devices.

Dräger Connect Applications

Dräger Connect offers you special dashboards for use in the perioperative care environment, intensive care units or even hospital-wide use. Learn more about the available solutions here.


Status information about your induction and operating rooms

Check the current status of your anesthesia equipment in real time with OR Companion – for effective management of the surgical department. Extend the solution with the Self-Test Tracker option to streamline employee workflows and daily anesthesia system testing procedures, protect patients, and minimize anesthesia equipment downtime.

Adaptable to your individual requirements

Surgical departments differ from clinic to clinic. The OR Companion dashboard can be customized to display all operating rooms and induction rooms with their individual names and all assigned anesthesia machines – with their names or serial numbers.

High level data security

The Dräger Connect cloud solution focuses on security and data protection. Device data is transmitted, collected and evaluated. The data is transferred securely from the ServiceConnect® Gateway installed in the hospital network via a secure VPN tunnel to the Microsoft Azure® Cloud storage. Authorized users can access Dräger Connect applications from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secure connection to the cloud server.

Gas Consumption Analytics: Providing insights into anesthetic agent usagePlay video

Gas Consumption Analysis: Insights into Anesthesia Drug Consumption

Gas Consumption Analytics provides data on the consumption of anesthetic gases. The dashboard provides access to important clinical, economic and environmental data from your connected Dräger anesthesia devices. With Gas Consumption Analytics, comprehensive management is possible: from fresh gas flow to patient intake – improving patient care and reducing department costs.

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On the physical, economic and environmental effects of volatile anesthetics

Anesthesia gases are essential for optimal results in the operating room. However, the amount of gases used should be kept at a low level. Low- and minimal-flow techniques provide an effective yet simple way to humidify breathing gas and reduce the amount of anesthetic gases used.3,4,5,6 Due to the limited inflow of cold and dry gas, low-flow applications are suitable for maintaining the optimal breathing gas temperature.3 Protective ventilation strategies such as low- and minimal-flow techniques make it possible to reduce the occurrence of postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC).7,8 In addition, anesthetic gases have a significant impact on the cost of a procedure. At the same time, a negative impact on the environment can be observed. Halogenated chlorofluorocarbons and fluorocarbons damage the Earth's ozone layer and may contribute to global warming.9

Use of analytics to optimize the consumption of anesthetic gases

The Gas Consumption Analysis dashboard makes it possible to gain clinical and economic insights based on the drug consumption of the supported Dräger anesthesia devices. Create transparency regarding consumption consumption, efficiency, costs and applied fresh gas flows. This gives you a reliable basis for improving therapy outcomes while reducing costs by implementing patient-friendly low- and minimal-flow practices.


Florence Nightingale Hospital Case Study

Increasing efficiency and environmental friendliness in anesthesia with Gas Consumption Analytics
Sustainability is a much-discussed topic nowadays and is receiving more and more attention in a wide variety of areas. The term "Green Hospital" describes this trend for the healthcare system. The focus here is on reducing the CO₂ footprint, which also plays a major role in anesthesia.

Alarm History Analytics: Enabling to reduce alarms at the Point-of-CarePlay video

How alarm analysis can support your workflows

Alarm History Analytics continuously provides data on clinical alarms. This solution supports your alarm management strategy and provides a tailored evaluation of the alarms issued via your Infinity® patient monitors. Identify the causes of high alarms in your units and monitor the results of countermeasures over time on the dashboard.

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Use analytics to reduce the number of stress-causing alarms at the point of care

Use analytics to reduce the number of stress-causing alarms at the point of care

"Alarm fatigue", the decreasing perception of alarms due to their enormous number, is one of the biggest threats to patient safety in hospitals. Research has shown that an average of up to 350 alarms per day occur in an intensive care bed. Of these alarms, up to 95% are clinically irrelevant, and only 50% of the remaining clinical alarms are perceived correctly.1

Overlooked alarms from medical devices are listed among the Top 10 Health Technology Hazards of for 2019.2 Stress for patients and caregivers can negatively impact outcomes and critical clinical workflows can be disrupted unnecessarily. In addition, desensitization of nursing staff to alarms can be observed.

A data analysis of all alarms that have occurred in a hospital creates transparency. It provides the basis for optimizing systematic processes, alarm settings and personnel planning. In this way, the efficiency of alarm management can be increased and ultimately the stress to which clinical staff and patients are exposed can be reduced.


Case Study Avera Heart Hospital, USA

Using a data-driven approach, Dräger has helped Avera Heart Hospital reduce alarm rates by more than 30% while ensuring patient safety.


Clinic-wide overview – whenever you need it

Consolidate all relevant device data across your connected fleet. In a comprehensive overview, Device Utilization Analytics helps you to build a database for procurement decisions. For increased cybersecurity and performance, the current device status can be easily monitored in real time, the usage history can be checked and the current software status of the devices can be controlled.

Increased transparency regarding device usage

Get near real-time visibility into your devices' usage rates and standby times to check your devices' performance. You can improve clinic-wide visibility into software status and updates to avoid security vulnerabilities. In addition, Device Utilization Analytics provides information about your connected device fleet – for high performance and to avoid operational malfunctions. This is how you keep your investment data up to date.

A comprehensive, valid database for future purchasing decisions

Save costs through usage analyses and the optimization of the equipment fleet based on basic data. You can easily see how many hours a particular device has been in use, and Device Utilization Analytics shows at a glance which devices are used the most and least often. This allows you to use your devices more evenly and avoid irregularities in use.


Service Request and Service Tracking – Open 24/7

Service Request is Dräger’s new online way to request service for your devices – such as calibration, maintenance or repair – and obtain a reference number (formerly known as an RMA number) so you can send the devices to Dräger. 

Service Tracking lets you track the progress of your devices through our Service Centre. You will receive update emails at defined steps in the process. Service Request and Service Tracking are applications within the new Dräger Connect Digital Services platform.

Is Dräger Connect the same as Service Connect?

No. Service Connect is a paid subscription available only to trained biomedical engineers. You may register for Draeger Connect using the same email address and password that you use for Service Connect, but the URL is different.

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If you would like further information on Service Request and Tracking, please download the FAQs.


Data is a precious commodity - but do you use its full potential?

Our hospital data analytics solutions enable you to get more out of your medical devices: harness the power of your data to improve patient outcomes and support point-of-care staff.

  • Create visibility to streamline workflows and reduce costs
  • Get the most out of your medical devices
  • Turn data into actionable insights

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