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Dräger Online Academy

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Continuing education has never been made easier

Discover Dräger Canada’s Online Academy, our education portal for healthcare professionals. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Dräger equipment, by delivering content that is specifically designed to increase your staff’s product application knowledge and skills.


Our E-learning Solution

Ease of use can help turn continuing education into a daily experience in digitalizing healthcare. Dräger Online Academy has a clean design and clear user interface enabling easy usage and intuitive navigation.

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Dräger Online Academy provides an experience where you can

  • Customize learning paths for your specific needs
  • Assign, track and maintain your team’s education, including certificates of completion 
  • Track progress with on-demand custom reports
  • Attend live advanced application workshops to help you get the most out of your equipment
clinical online learning

Training that delivers

  • The use of technology, systems and scenarios that helps accelerate learning and confidence 
  • A blended mix of learning (e-learning digital or live workshop)
  • A comprehensive learning approach which is tailored to your individual learning requirements

Clinical Education Delivery

Online modules

Online modules

Tailored to your product portfolio and care areas

Live virtual sessions

Live virtual sessions

Tailored application training

draeger online academyn students

Live advanced application workshops

Take your skills to the next level 

Certification of completion

Certification of completion

Keep track of your completions

E-learning Packages

Fill out the contact form or contact your sales representative to learn what Dräger Online Academy can do for you!

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Find the e-learning solution to suit your need

Let us know if you are interested to be part of the Dräger Online Academy. We will help to design the perfect e-learning package for you and your team.

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Available Courses

Evita V500

Evita® Infinity® V500:

Master the challenges of today’s intensive care environment with the Evita Infinity V500 ventilation system.


PulmoVista® 500:

Put the power of Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) to work for you and your patients. With the PulmoVista 500, you can visualise regional air distribution within the lungs - non-invasive, in real time and directly at bedside.


Babylog® VN500:

The Babylog® VN500 combines our years of experience with the latest technology. The result is a complete, integrated ventilation solution for the tiniest of patients. Move on toward new frontiers today and be prepared for the developments of tomorrow.


Perseus® A500:

Outstanding ventilator technology meets the latest approaches to ergonomics and system integration in one innovative anaesthesia machine to streamline your anaesthesia workflow.

Draeger Zeus Anaesthesia Machine

Zeus® Infinity® Empowered:

Zeus combines the complete spectrum of ventilation therapy with unparalleled monitoring, automation, workflow and information management technology with our advanced anaesthesia machine.


Infinity® Acute Care System:

Transform your clinical workflow with Infinity® Acute Care System for a comprehensive range of patient information and powerful analysis tools at the point-of-care.


Infinity® CentralStation Wide:

View comprehensive real-time and retrospective clinical data from interfaced medical devices on Infinity® CentralStation Wide to make the most effective care decisions for your patients.


Infinity® M300+:

The Infinity® M300+ provides continuous surveillance of telemetry patients using the hospital’s WiFi network. Receive visible and audible alarms to alert you to changes in your patient’s condition while supporting patient mobility.


Dräger Babyleo® TN500:

With the combination of three heat sources, this device protects your little patients so they can grow while making your workflow easier with quick and comfortable access to the baby.


Isolette® 8000 plus:

To ensure that a thermo-neutral zone is maintained, the Isolette® 8000 plus enables you to continuously monitor both the central and peripheral body temperature of the neonate.



The Resuscitaire is the ideal device to have during labor and delivery procedures. It combines an effective warming therapy platform along with the components you need for clinical emergency and resuscitation.

Our Clinical Education Solutions

a breath ahead

A Breath Ahead

Accredited continuing education courses for respiratory care 


Intensive Care Online Network (ICON)

Provide clinical and educational support to users of Dräger neonatal care equipment


VR Rental

Provide product trainings through virtual reality and simulations



Provide insights into current healthcare topics, best practices and regulations

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