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Patient Monitors & Monitoring Devices - Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitors & Monitoring Devices

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Integrated and efficient workflows – across your hospital

At Dräger, we understand that today’s dynamic healthcare environment requires solutions that expand on clinical value while containing costs. That’s why we aim to provide medical monitoring equipment that helps improve workflow efficiency – such as our patient monitoring devices, which help you create integrated, economical and productive workflows across acute care departments, on a hospital-wide scale. When you have immediate access to critical information information on a vital signs monitor or patient monitor, you can react in the moment, avoid errors and save valuable time when attending to your patients.

Infinity® Acute Care System

Infinity® Acute Care System

Transform your clinical workflow with Infinity® Acute Care System. Its multiparameter monitor integrates with its networked medical-grade workstation, giving you real-time vital signs, access to clinical hospital systems and data management applications for a comprehensive range of patient information and powerful analysis tools at the ...

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Infinity® CentralStation Wide

Infinity® CentralStation Wide

Viewing comprehensive real-time and retrospective clinical data supports you in making the most effective care decisions for your patients. Infinity® CentralStation Wide brings hemodynamic vital signs together with values from interfaced patient monitors, ventilators, and anesthesia devices. The Infinity® CentralStation ...

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Vista 120 SC

Vista 120 SC

With increasing demands on clinicians, it’s essential to have an easy-to-use vital signs monitor that can enhance your clinical processes and help you make informed decisions that can positively impact patient care. Providing both spot check and continuous bedside monitoring capabilities, it’s the ideal monitor for your various clinical ...

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The ToFscan® monitor provides an easy, reliable way to measure the muscle relaxation status of an anesthetized patient. You will see a range of data points to support you in making treatment decisions and adjustments ...

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Infinity® OneNet

Infinity® OneNet

Infinity® OneNet is an innovative networking approach that enables life-critical patient data to be sent and received safely and securely over an existing hospital network. OneNet makes it possible for hospitals to link together data from Dräger point-of-care devices and access that data hospital-wide and beyond.

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Find the right accessories for your patient monitoring devices

With the HCA Connect, you can easily find the right accessories for your patient monitoring device anywhere, anytime.

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See Dräger patient monitoring portfolio

Dräger monitoring systems and solutions help to improve acute care delivery and the way that information is transferred across all departments in the hospital. Take a look at how Dräger is focused on the future, bringing to life innovative ways to turn clinical data into powerful, life-transforming information.

Hospital-wide solutions

Dräger is committed to being Your Specialist in Acute Care. That’s why you can count on us to deliver complete solutions anywhere they are needed. Take a look at how we can support you across your hospital.


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Clinical Education at Dräger

Continuing education is indispensable for healthcare professionals. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Dräger equipment, by delivering clinical education that is specifically designed to increase your staff’s product application knowledge and skills.

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