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Surgical and Examination Lights - Surgical light Dräger Polaris 600 is being used in operating room procedure

Surgical and Examination Lights

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Advanced surgical light technology for precision and efficiency

Dräger's state-of-the-art surgical lights, examination lights and video systems offer superior illumination wherever they are used. The intuitive design and lightweight construction of the Dräger Polaris® family of surgical lights makes them very easy to use – an important factor when time is of the essence. To complete our medical lights portfolio, we also offer examination lights and advanced multimedia components.

Dräger Polaris® 600

Dräger Polaris® 600

The new Dräger Polaris 600 surgical light combines advanced technologies to support precision and efficiency. Intuitive controls adapt the light to each procedure and individual surgeon’s need, so you can focus on what matters most – your patient.

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Polaris 100/200

Polaris 100/200

Simply good light! In the operating room, the right illumination is essential for success. The all new Polaris 100/200 surgical illumination systems provide cool light with natural colors and rich-contrast for thousands of hours of carefree operation without straining on your hospital's budget.

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Med lights video display


Display holders for 19” to 32” displays with side-handle are available. There is a local sourcing agreement of displays with Barco as a supplier.

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Medical lights go through stress tests to ensure quality and reliabilityPlay video

Quality at Dräger – product reliability

At Dräger, quality is built into the foundation of our product design. Take a look at how our surgical lights go through stress tests in the lab so that they work flawlessly in your operating room.

More operating room solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to support your operating room.

OR accessories

Operating Room Accessories

doctors use polaris 600 in the operating room

Medical Supply Systems

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring Systems

Hospital planning and design

Hospital Workplace Design

operating theatre light service in action

Dräger Services

We offer comprehensive consulting and support services for our devices to ensure maximum performance for your department. With our experience, flexibility and uncompromising quality standards, we are always by your side – with services that are tailored to your needs.

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