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Innovation - gaze into the future - draeger-corp-robotics-innovation-16-6

Innovation - gaze into the future

How We Support Our Customers

Our openness to new and innovative approaches constantly spurs us to apply the latest technology creatively and leverage our deep knowledge of our customers’ needs. By doing so, we make them even more successful in their day-to-day work. Moreover, our insights into the technical possibilities and requirements of the future open completely new perspectives for our customers. With our drive to innovate, we set standards and actively shape our markets, time and again.

In hospitals of the future, interconnected technology and automated processes will support healthcare workers and improve treatment outcomes. This benefits the patients as well as the hospital staff.


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We know what the working world of our customers could look like tomorrow. A glance into the future of an industrial plant, a hospital and a fire station.

At the heart of our vision lies smart safety. In the future, live data from various measurements will seamlessly work together to protect both people and machines.


How We Advance Our Innovations

With us, everyone can contribute to shaping the future. That's why we have our "Garage" - an old production hall - which has become a colorful, inspiring space for creative thinking and new approaches. At the Garage we offer unconventional office-spaces, innovative experts and methods, to try out new things and to just get creative together - the perfect opportunity for fresh business ideas to protect, support and save lives.

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Dräger Hackathon in the Garage

Every year, the Dräger Hackathon takes place under the motto #hacktoprotect, featuring programming challenges in the medical and safety fields. This event unfolds over a single weekend and is dedicated to creating innovative solutions, connecting, crafting something of value and most importantly – having fun.

We ensure that emergency services can find their way quickly and safely by providing the right people with the right data at the right time.


More Information


Digital Solutions

As Your Specialist in Critical Care, Dräger knows that to improve outcomes and manage the cost of care, it takes more than medical equipment. That’s why we’ve developed clinical information systems and analytics tools that work interactively with our devices to support informed decision making and increase efficiency


Smart Safety – connected safety solutions

With Smart Safety solutions, we help our customers with the digital transformation for smarter operations at their plants: Processes for plant safety, maintenance, occupational safety and security can all be streamlined and optimized for operational excellence thanks to networked devices, standard interfaces and reliable connectivity. This offers greater speed and transparency for day-to-day operations and minimizes downtime.


Dräger Stories: Exciting stories, exclusively researched

Are you interested in new developments, fascinating technology and practical examples? Our Dräger Stories combine exciting topics from Dräger with interesting facts from the worlds of medical and safety technology – up-to-date, entertaining and informative.

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