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Dräger Alarm History Analytics Hospital Data Analytics

Dräger Alarm History Analytics

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Dräger Alarm History Analytics

Gain continuous insights from your clinical alarms with Alarm History Analytics. This solution supports your alarm management strategy and provides a customised analysis of the alarms occurring from your Infinity® patient monitors. Identify the causes of high alarm quantities in your units and monitor the results of countermeasures over time in the dashboard.

Alarm data overview and inspection

A noisy clinical environment can cause a great deal of stress to both patients and caregivers. Reducing alarm fatigue with fewer clinical alarms relies on accurate, up-to-date insight into alarm information. Dräger Alarm History Analytics visualises alarm data from your Infinity® patient monitors to continuously analyse the source, severity, quantity and duration of alarms in your units. This allows you to make informative decisions and systematically take action to reduce the most occurring alarms.

  • Alarm overview: Presents a summary of alarm occurrence in the selected units and insights to the most frequently occurring alarms
  • Inspect alarms: Shows detailed alarm insights per parameter (quantities, durations and severities)
  • Inspect beds: Shows detailed alarm insights per individual ICU bed (quantities, durations and severities)

Alarm consultancy services

Our Dräger experts are ready to support you in archiving and documenting alarm data as well as implementing strategies to improve alarm management processes and reduce the number of alarms in the unit

Customisable to your individual needs

Pick the right time frame for your analysis, and choose to analyse alarm data of specific days, weeks, or even multiple months. In addition, the analysed hospital units and beds can be selected for a targeted analysis.

High level of data security

The Dräger Connect cloud solution is designed with security and data privacy in mind. Device data is transferred, collected and analysed. Data is sent securely from the Infinity® Gateway installed in the hospital network to the Dräger cloud storage, is encrypted in transit and at rest using modern best practices. Authorised users can access the services of Dräger Connect from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secured connection to the cloud server.

Accessible on Dräger Connect: Our central platform for your digital health services

Dräger Connect is your cloud-based suite of digital health services that enables caregivers to drive data-based decision making. In addition to Alarm History Analytics, Dräger Connect also equips you with dashboards for the analytics of your fleet management, anaesthesia effiency, lung protective ventilation strategies and OR readiness (additional subscriptions required).

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