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Dräger Alarm History Analytics Data-Driven-Solutions

Dräger Alarm History Analytics

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Dräger Alarm History Analytics

​Alarm History Analytics® continuously provides data on clinical alarms. This solution supports your alarm management strategy and provides a tailored evaluation of the alarms issued via your Infinity patient monitors. Identify the causes of high alarms in your units and monitor the results of countermeasures over time on the dashboard.

Overview of alarm data and verification

​Alarm History Analytics® provides you with ongoing visibility into alarms from your Infinity patient monitors. The alarms can be displayed according to severity, number and duration – to derive recommendations for action for particularly frequent alarms. On the Inspect Alarms tab, the recorded alarm data is displayed even more precisely. The dashboard shows the most frequent alarms of the stations/units and their number and duration by severity.

Alarm consulting services

Our experts support you in the collection and evaluation of alarm data as well as the implementation of strategies for better alarm management and fewer alarms in the care unit.

Adaptable to your individual requirements

​Select the desired analysis period and the evaluation of alarm data of specific days, weeks or even several months. In addition, certain hospital units can be selected for targeted evaluation.

High level of data security

The Dräger Connect® cloud solution focuses on security and data protection. Only device data is transmitted, collected and evaluated. The data is transferred from the Infinity installed in the hospital network to the Dräger cloud storage – encrypted in transit and at rest according to modern best practices. Authorized users can access Dräger Connect applications from desktop PCs or mobile devices via a secure connection to the cloud server.

Available on Dräger Connect: Our central platform for your digital health services

​Dräger Connect is your cloud-based suite of digital health applications that support data-driven decisions. In addition to Alarm History Analytics, Dräger Connect currently includes dashboards for analyzing your fleet management, anesthesia efficiency and surgical readiness.

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