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Dräger Alcotest® 6820 for DOT Breathalyzer

Dräger Alcotest® 6820 for DOT

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Dräger Alcotest® 6820 for DOT

The Dräger Alcotest® 6820 for DOT provides fast and accurate alcohol test results. This reliable breathalyzer makes it easy to follow DOT breath test protocol. In workplaces regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), sober employees are essential – both for public safety and for the company’s reputation. FOR USE IN DOT-REGULATED INDUSTRIES ONLY.

DOT-specific programming helps eliminate user errors

The 6820 DOT is specifically programmed to meet US DOT rules and regulations. Key features created specifically for US DOT applications make it difficult for breath alcohol technicians to make a fatal flaw that could invalidate a test. The device locks down after a positive alcohol test (=>.02) for the 15-minute waiting period required before the confirmation test. In addition, it requires an accuracy check and calibration according to the QAP and locks out if expired. Plus, an automatic air blank is recorded and printed for the confirmation test.

Industry-leading training and support, two year calibration

The Alcotest 6820 DOT delivers quality performance and is backed by unparalleled training, which is essential for all US DOT breath alcohol technicians (BATs). Dräger training meets the mandates outlined in 49 CFR Part 40.213. Best of all, the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for the device only requires calibration every two years – which saves you time and effort.

Extended warranty

We are confident that you will be pleased with the performance of the 6820 DOT for years to come. To prove it, we are offering the 6820 DOT with a standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty for the entire device.

Quick and precise alcohol test analysis

To save time for all concerned, the 6820 DOT is ready to use in less than 4 seconds and measurement results are displayed in approximately 3 seconds. The 1/4" DrägerSensor is alcohol-specific and provides precise measurement results even under extreme conditions (as low as 23 °F / -5 °C). The 6820 DOT is listed on the Conforming Products List and exceeds NHTSA’s Model Specifications for Evidential Breath Testers.

Easy to use, easy to read

The Dräger Alcotest 6820 DOT is an evidential breath tester designed to meet the needs of both business owners and third-party administrators. This portable breathalyzer is designed for both right and left hand use. All measurement functions are controlled with a single button. The instrument guides you through the breath alcohol test with full-text messages on a large, backlit display. An LED indicator and acoustic signals support the visual display and indicate when the test is complete. Two menu keys let you easily navigate the menu and access statistical data and settings. Select Screen Test, Confirmation Test or Accuracy Check right from the start-up menu.

Powerful data management and free optimized software

The 6820 DOT has an integrated real-time clock, so all data is associated with an accurate date and time stamp. The menu key provides quick access to approximately 250 measurement results with their respective test numbers and date/time information, which you can print on demand. Plus, optimized diagnostics software allows you to easily download all 1900 stored test results via a PC interface.

Rechargeable batteries

A new feature of the Alcotest 6820 gives you the option of using two NiMH rechargeable batteries, rather than disposable batteries. For your convenience, the batteries can be recharged without removing them from the device. If you prefer, the portable breathalyzer can also run on disposable AA batteries. With a larger memory than its predecessor, the 6820 DOT can store up to 1900 tests, and more than 1500 tests can be conducted with two AA batteries.


Alcotest 6820 for DOT Product Information, en-us
Alcotest 6820 for DOT Product Information, en-us


Technical Data

Key Facts

Sensor technology
Dräger Electrochemical Sensor / Fuel cell
Bluetooth Module
System Integration
GPS Module
Data storage
5000 Tests
Data readout via PC
Charging of rechargeable batteries in device
Print option
Language conversion by customer

Tests Modes

Active breath alcohol test
Non-Contact breath test
Passive breath alcohol test
Dräger Alcotest mouthpiece
Dräger Alcotest funnel
Displayed Results
Alcohol concentration value will be shown

Technical Data

Measuring range
up to 2.5 mg/L
Operating temperature
-5°C - 50°C
Black / White
Connection port
Type of battery
2xAA-LR6 / 2x NiMH
Number of tests from full battery
Protection class
Calibration interval
6 months
Start up time
2 seconds
Analyse time after test sample
3 to 25 seconds
Recovery time to be ready for next test
20 to 120 seconds


CE Sign
EU Police approval (EN15964)
EU Private Use approval (EN16280)
✗ not approved, because not required as no application in this area
NHTSA Evidential
✓ (AS3547:1997)
German Lloyd
US Coast Guard
UK Home Office
Criminal Code of Canada

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