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Dräger Babyroo® TN300

​The Babyroo® TN300 is a configurable open care warmer with state-of-the-art thermoregulation capabilities as well as advanced integrated technologies to support emergency resuscitation and family-centred care. From delivery room to the neonatal intensive care unit to the final discharge, the Babyroo® TN300 is scalable to use in a variety of hospital environments along the patient pathway.

Maintain temperature at all times

​The Babyroo keeps temperatures stable while minimising heat loss for the infant by offering two combined heat sources: a radiant warmer and an optional heated gel mattress. The device is designed to provide uniform heat distribution continuously to the entire mattress surface even when the bed is tilted for clinical procedures. The optional canopy and heated gel mattress help to ensure an efficient and stable warmth supply during transfer. In skin mode, the device temperature is regulated based on newborn’s skin temperature to allow optimal warming. The prewarm function allows fast warming to help ensure the mattress is warm when the newborn arrives. Moreover, our device monitors central-peripheral temperature differences through integrated Thermomonitoring to help detect thermal stress.

Support lung protective transition

​The Babyroo TN300 comes with an optional Respiratory Support Module with AutoBreath® and gas mixer options. The respiratory support interface requires minimal set up and helps you standardise your protocols and meet resuscitation guidelines across the neonatal care area. The Respiratory Support Module including AutoBreath® redefines advanced resuscitation support by automatically delivering the desired levels of FiO2, flow, max pressure, rate, and PEEP. To optimise the resuscitation settings, you have SpO2 and pulse rate measurements available. To help you assess the newborn's condition quickly, Babyroo displays a target pre-ductal SpO2 reference chart synched with the integrated APGAR timer. When your critical patients need further respiratory support after the initial stabilisation, our AutoBreath® functionality helps you to bridge respiratory support until your critical patient arrives on the NICU. By automatically delivering the desired respiration rate, Babyroo supports you to free up your hands for other tasks in the labour & delivery room and during intra-hospital transfer.

Create a nurturing environment

​We designed the Babyroo to give staff the access they need for regular care, emergencies and surgeries while also supporting family-centred care in the neonatal intensive care unit. The device supports kangaroo care with a dedicated mode to minimize alarms, along with a set of compatible accessories and features such as variable height adjustment. It has a built-in alarm management system that ramps alarms with visual indications minimising noise disturbances. The Babyroo comes with a family-friendly design that creates a positive environment for parents as well as staff. Furthermore, a pass-through X-ray tray allows imaging without disturbing the baby.

Support efficient workflows

​Several options are integrated into the Babyroo to support workflows that are typical in neonatal care areas. A large graphic display with dedicated and configurable screen views for labor and delivery room and NICU readily displays all vital parameters. The resuscitation module requires minimal setup and can be easily configured to meet guidelines set forth by NRP/ILCOR. We have also integrated a bed-tilt indicator that allows caregivers to confidently and consistently follow hospital protocols for feeding and treatments. Additionally, we engineered the Babyroo with an integrated scale with automatic weight adjustments to minimise the need to transfer the delicate newborn for weight measurements. To help caregivers automate procedures, Babyroo comes with the optional AutoThermo package which includes tolerate cooling and warm-up. These functions allow you to spend less time interacting with the device and devote more time to infant care.

Break the chain of infections

​The Babyroo is designed with infection prevention in mind with smooth surfaces and no hard edges. The design of the compact radiant heater provides optimal heating and aims to eliminate the need for you to adjust or even touch the warmer. You can easily disassemble the device due to its limited number of parts, minimising device turnaround time. Options like the pass-through X-ray tray and integrated scale also decrease the need for rearranging the device thus breaking the chain of infections.

Conduct easy and safe transfers

​The clinical transport of infants is critical all along the patient pathway. For this reason, the Babyroo supports you with smooth intra-hospital transfers, from the labour and delivery room to the operating room and neonatal intensive care unit in only one device. What’s more, our device is compatible with various Dräger equipment so that components work seamlessly together, is easy to transfer and manoeuvre, and keeps the infant in a stable environment.

Customise comprehensive services

​Because having dependable devices is imperative in neonatal care, we support you with efficient services in every way. We conduct a yearly inspection and preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our trained engineers use certified test equipment which provides you with high device performance and seamless documentation, including test history in adherence to quality and test standards. A modular repair strategy enables cost efficient and quick on-site replacements of original Dräger replacement parts by our experienced service technicians. In addition, our Babyroo doesn’t require routine replacement of major components, which translates to optimized cost of care for you.


Babyroo TN300 Product Information, en
Babyroo TN300 Product Information, en


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How to clean the Babyroo TN300, en


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Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

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